Lynne Marie Kohm

August 21, 2014 - 9:20 AM

Lynne Marie Kohm is Professor and John Brown McCarty Professor of Family Law at Regent University School of Law in Virginia Beach, VA, USA (  A scholar and legal educator since 1993, Kohm is teaching, researching and writing in the area of family law, child advocacy, and gender equality.  She teaches Family Law, Advanced Family Law, Child Wellbeing Law, Elder Law, Juvenile Law, Gender & the Law, Bioethics, Human Life and Death, International Human Rights, and has taught Politics and Family Law in Immigration at Hertford College of Oxford University.  The author of a series of books entitled Estate Planning Success and contributor to many other books, her seminal work is Family Manifesto: What went wrong with the moral basis to the family and how to restore it (W.S.Hein Co. 2007), and Estate Planning Success for Women (Barron Pub. Co. 2005).  Law review and journal articles include numerous publications in the areas of families, children, women, marriage, reproductive rights, domestic relations, estate planning and trusts.