Sara Burrows

November 6, 2008 - 9:39 PM
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Strict Indian Gun Law Aided Mumbai Terrorists in AttackCNS
Tuesday, 9 December 2008 - 6:16pm
India's strict gun laws are partly to blame for the success of the terrorist attacks in Mumbai, according to the head of an Indian gun rights group and a U.S. expert who has examined the impact of gun laws on crime and terrorism.
Congressman Ron Paul: ‘End the Fed’ NowCNS
Tuesday, 2 December 2008 - 6:57pm
The former Republican presidential hopeful has launched an effort to abolish the nation's central bank -- the Federal Reserve -- and let market forces regulate the money supply.
Kids Told Not to Dress as 'Indians' at Plimoth PlantationCNS
Wednesday, 26 November 2008 - 3:07pm
A nine-year-old girl was recently asked to remove her "Indian" costume before entering Plimoth Plantation, a historical site that allows visitors to experience Plymouth, Mass.
Scientists Discuss Replicating Volcano’s Effect to Cool ClimateCNS
Wednesday, 26 November 2008 - 1:21pm
At a forum in Washington, D.C., scientists discussed the merits and demerits of pumping sulfur into the atmosphere as a temporary "fix" to global warming.
Homosexuals Protest Warren’s Church for His Pro-Marriage PositionCNS
Thursday, 13 November 2008 - 5:08pm
Hundreds of angry anti-Proposition 8 protesters targeted Rick Warren's Saddleback Church in California last Sunday.
Gun-Shop Business Booms in Advance of New Administration CNS
Monday, 10 November 2008 - 6:47pm
FIrearms shops say gun owners are rushing to purchase weapons before new administration can take action to limit or ban or tax firearms sales.