CBS Reluctant to Give Filner's Party ID; Quick to Point Out Military Critic is A Democrat

August 16, 2013 - 5:02 PM
CBS Reluctant to Give Filner's Party ID; Quick to Point Out Military Critic is A Democrat

On 16 August 2013, ABC and CBS's morning newscasts covered the latest development in the Bob Filner sex scandal, but both failed to identify him as a Democrat. Mere seconds before their news brief on the San Diego mayor, CBS This Morning pointed out the Democratic party affiliation of Filner's former congressional colleague, Jackie Speier, who blasted the Defense Department on their handling of sexual assaults in the military.

The transcripts of the news briefs from the 16 August 2013 edition of CBS This Morning:

[CBS News Graphic: "Military Sex Assaults: Pentagon Announces Plans To Prevent Abuse"]

JEFF GLOR: The Defense Department released new and immediate steps to prevent sexual assault in the ranks. That comes after a wave of high-profile sexual assault cases. Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel announced the changes in a memo yesterday. They include improving legal support and expanding rights for victims; enhancing protection for victims; and requiring pre-trial investigations. But California Congresswoman Jackie Speier is slamming Hagel's directive. The Democrat says – quote, 'I continue to be underwhelmed by the military's baby steps on this issue.'

[CBS News Graphic: "San Diego Scandal: Great-Grandmother Accuses Filner Of Harrassment"]

NORAH O'DONNELL: A great grandmother is the latest to accuse San Diego Mayor Bob Filner of sexual misconduct. On Thursday, 67-year-old Peggy Shannon said Filner asked for dates and made sexually-suggestive comments. More than a dozen women have already come forward. House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi Tweeted yesterday that Filner should step down.