U.S. Allies Criticize Biden's Afghanistan Withdrawal: 'Shameful, Catastrophe, Nightmare'

By Michael W. Chapman | August 25, 2021 | 4:26pm EDT
President joe Biden (D).   (Getty Images)
President Joe Biden (D). (Getty Images)

(CNS News) -- In the wake of President Joe Biden's ruinous withdrawal of U.S. personnel from Afghanistan, not a few leaders and former leaders among America's allies have denounced Biden's action, calling it a "catastrophe," a "debacle," and "dishonoring."

On Friday, Aug. 20, for instance, the British Parliament held Biden in contempt, reported The Telegraph

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson (Getty Images)
British Prime Minister Boris Johnson (Getty Images)

Tom Tugendhat, a British Army veteran of the Afghanistan war and the Conservative chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee, said, “To see [Biden] call into question the courage of men I fought with, to claim that they ran, is shameful.”

“Afghanistan is the biggest foreign policy disaster since Suez," said Tugendhat. "We need to think again about how we handle friends, who matters and how we defend our interests.”

In other quotations gathered by RNC Research (Republican National Committee), British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said, "Nobody wants Afghanistan, once again, to be a breeding ground for terror . . . It’s fair to say the U.S. decision to pull out has accelerated things.”

Former Conservative MP Rory Stewart.  (Getty Images)
Former Conservative MP Rory Stewart. (Getty Images)

Former British Cabinet Member Rory Stewart said Biden “hasn’t just humiliated America’s Afghan allies … He’s humiliated his Western allies.” MP and Afghan War veteran Dan Jarvis said Biden’s comments on the withdrawal were “distasteful and dishonoring.”

MP Chris Bryant described Biden's remarks about Afghan soldiers as “some of the most shameful comments ever from an American president.”

In Europe, German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier said the images from the Kabul airport were “shameful for the political West."

German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier.  (Getty Images)
German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier. (Getty Images)

“It is the biggest debacle that NATO has suffered since its founding, and we're standing before an epochal change," remarked Norbert Rottgen, chairman of the German Parliament's Foreign Relations Committee. 

Josep Borrell, vice president of the European Commission, described the takeover of Kabul by the Taliban as a "catastrophe" and a "nightmare." Czech President Milos Zeman said, “By withdrawing from Afghanistan, the Americans have lost their status of global leader.”

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