U.S. Commission: Communist China Continues to Harass, Imprison Catholics, Protestants, and Demolish Their Churches

By Michael W. Chapman | May 20, 2021 | 10:48am EDT
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(CNS News) -- Communist China, headed by the dictatorial Xi Jinping, continues to "detain and torture Catholic bishops" and harass and imprison Protestants who refuse to integrate socialism into their religious beliefs, according to the 2021 Annual Report of the U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom (USCIRF).

In addition, Chinese authorities continue "to demolish both Catholic and Protestant church buildings and crosses" as part of the government's "sinicization" campaign, to blend communism with Christianity.

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The report also said there are "credible international reports" suggesting that Chinese officials are harvesting body organs from some of the people they persecute.

"Chinese authorities continued to harass, detain, and torture underground Catholic bishops -- such as Cui Tai and Huang Jintong -- who refuse to join the state-backed Catholic association," reads the USCIRF report.  

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"They also harassed, detained, arrested, and imprisoned members of Protestant house churches who refuse to join the state-sanctioned 'Three-Self Patriotic Movement,'" said the commission.  "In April, authorities arrested and charged house church pastor Zhao Huaiguo for 'inciting subversion of state power,' and in October, local authorities in Taizhou city, Zhejiang Province, sentenced Christian bookseller Chen Yu to seven years in prison and fined him roughly $30,000 USD for 'illegal business operations.'"

"The government also continued to demolish both Catholic and Protestant church buildings and crosses under its 'sinicization of religion' campaign," states the report.  "In addition, there were reports that authorities across China demolished Mahayana Buddhist, Daoist, and folk religion temples."

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Communist China's treatment of the Uyghurs and other Muslims in Xiang, which is in Northwest China, constitutes "genocide and crimes against humanity," according to the U.S. State Department. 

The USCIRF reports that there are 380 "detention centers" in Xiang, including new camps that were built in 2019 and 2010. 

"Since 2017, authorities reportedly have sent millions of Muslims to these camps for wearing long beards, refusing alcohol, or exhibiting other behaviors deemed signs of 'religious extremism,'" reads the report.  "Former detainees reported torture, rape, sterilization, and other abuses in custody."

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The Chinese are also using the Uyghurs for forced labor in "internment and prison camps, factories, and industrial parks," states the report. 

The commission also noted that this forced labor may be falling into the supply chain of U.S. businesses. "Some companies responded by severing ties with suppliers suspected of using Uyghur forced labor, while others claimed to have conducted third-party audits to ensure no forced labor is used in their supply chains," reads the report

Gary Bauer, one of the commissioners of the USCIRF, said, "[I]n a constitutional republic like ours, public opinion is everything. I appeal to my fellow citizens to act now, individually. To U.S. corporate CEOs, stop putting your desire for greater profits in China ahead of the interests and values of our country."

One of the concentration camps in Xiang, China.  (Getty Images)
One of the concentration camps in Xiang, China. (Getty Images)

"To the presidents of our great universities, stop accepting Chinese Communist money that will inevitably threaten academic freedom," said Bauer. "To American consumers, don’t buy products made by suffering workers in Communist China’s slave labor camps and factories. You are subsidizing their persecution and strengthening an adversary of our country."

"Communist China doesn’t only deny its citizens basic human rights, including the right to seek and worship God," said Bauer. "It is also asserting itself as a new authoritarian model for developing nations around the world. It is actively engaged in undermining international human rights standards. It utilizes its growing military power to intimidate and threaten its neighbors."

Fellow-Commissioner Johnnie Moore said, "China is relapsing to its cultural revolution, but with the aid of technology Mao could have only dreamed of—all of which it is using to pursue and enable genocide."

China's Communist ruler Xi Jinping.  (Getty Images)
China's Communist ruler Xi Jinping. (Getty Images)

"Communist China is not a 'strategic competitor,'" said Moore.  "The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is a hostile actor whose actions imperil the world, and its abuses have been made possible by inexcusable policies endorsed by Congress and the White House over many administrations."

"Those nations around the world that ignore the CCP’s malevolence will eventually find themselves subservient to it," said Moore. "It is past time for our world bodies and our liberal democracies to stand up to the CCP."

According to The Black Book of Communism (Harvard University Press), the Communists in china have killed more than 65 million people for political reasons since 1949-1950. 

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