Sen. Rand Paul: Our Investigation of COVID’s Origins Would Have People Saying ‘Holy Cow, This Thing Came from a Lab’

Lauren Shank | September 28, 2022 | 10:01am EDT
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Sen. Rand Paul
(Getty Images/Mike Stone)

(CNS News) -- On Sunday, Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) said that, if he’s reelected and Republicans gain the Senate majority, he’ll conduct an investigation of both the origins of COVID and the potential profit motives of doctors who approved medications to combat the virus.

In an interview with Jack Posobiec, host of Human Events Daily, Sen. Paul discussed the need for a council of medically-credentialed experts to examine the decisions and claims of government health officials, especially President Joe Biden’s chief COVID advisor, Dr. Anthony Fauci.

“If Republicans win, I will be a chairman of a committee. I will use the subpoena power and I will get all of those records and I will force this issue until we find out the truth,” Paul promised.

“What we want to know is which doctors and how much and from what companies,” Sen. Paul said, explaining that “I don’t think you should be allowed to sit and vote on approving any kind of medications…if you’re also getting royalties.”

Paul said he would appoint those who have sufficient “bandwidth” to handle the issue, such as someone who has previously worked in the Department of Justice, as well as a scientist to serve as a co-lead "special investigator.”

Sen. Paul said that, while he’ll be fair in examining the origin of the COVID virus, the evidence is overwhelming that it came from a laboratory as a result of gain-of-function research, which seeks to give viruses additional capabilities, such as the ability to infect humans:

“On whether or not the virus originated in a lab, I’ll bring on experts on both sides of the issue. But, I’ve looked at the evidence here, and there’s a mountain of evidence saying it came from a lab and almost no evidence, if any evidence, saying it came from animals.”

“I think by the time we’re done with the investigation, and by the time we present this to the public, I think people are going to go ‘holy cow,’ this thing came from a lab,” Paul predicted.

Some, like Dr. Fauci, have claimed that gain-of-function research can be used to find cures for pandemic viruses. But, Paul said, the scientists he’s spoken with disagree with Fauci and consider the research to be exceptionally risky.

Their fear, Paul said, is that an extremely lethal, but only slightly infectious, virus could be given the capability to spread so easily that it would wipe out half the Earth’s population. The danger is so great that gain-of-function research should be regulated just as strictly as nuclear research, Sen. Paul said:

“One of the scientists we had said that, ‘This is a death-wish for civilization.’ All three scientists we had, came in and said, ‘We should probably regulate this as we regulate nuclear centrifuges. You can’t just go to the corner store and buy a centrifuge. You can’t sell them to Iran or China or Russia. There are export controls.

“They think this should be treated as a weapon and this should be very significantly guarded by protocols and/or controls – and I’m all for it.

“I think that there is a real danger lurking of something much worse than what we just experienced.”

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