Harvard Caps Harris Poll: 56% of Voters ‘Have Doubts’ About Biden’s Mental ‘Fitness’ for Office

Peyton Holliday | September 27, 2022 | 11:29am EDT
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President Joe Biden.  (Getty Images)
President Joe Biden. (Getty Images)

(CNS News) -- According to a September 2022 Harvard Caps Harris Poll, President Joe Biden’s (D) approval rating is at 41%, inflation is the top concern (38%) among voters, and 56% say they “have doubts” about the president’s mental fitness for office.

The survey, conducted Sept. 7-8 among 1,885 registered voters, gathered answers from Americans to understand the mood of the country on a variety of issues.

For instance, the survey asked, “What would you say are the most important issues facing the country today?”  In response, 39% said  “price increases / inflation” is the most important issue.

The second top issue was “economy and Jobs” (26%) and immigration was third (22%).

(Harvard Caps Harris)
(Harvard Caps Harris)

Some of the least important issues cited by registered voters were “income inequality” (6%), “political correctness/cancel culture” (5%), and “foreign policy” (4%).”  Only 15% of voters named the “environment/climate change” as important.

The survey also asked, “Do you think that President Biden is fairly raising issues around MAGA Republicans or is the President trying to avoid talking about inflation, immigration, crime, and other issues?”

In response, 59% said he is raising the topic to avoid “talking about inflation, immigration, crime and other issues.” Forty-one percent said he was “fairly raising MAGA Republican issues.”

When asked about the “U.S. Economy: Right Track / Wrong Track,” 64% said the economy is on the wrong track; only 30% said the right track.

(Harvard Caps Harris)
(Harvard Caps Harris)

Those surveyed were also asked, “How strong do you think the U.S. economy is today?” Results showed that 66% thought the economy was weak and 34% thought the economy was strong.

In addition to the economy questions, the surveyed asked, “Is Joe Biden mentally fit to serve as president of the United States or do you have doubts about his fitness for office?” Fifty-six percent said they “have doubts about his fitness; 44% said Biden is “mentally fit.”

(Harvard Caps Harris)
(Harvard Caps Harris)

Voters were then asked, “Do you think Joe Biden is showing that he is too old to be president of do you think he is showing he is fit to be president?” A strong majority, 63%, said Biden is “showing he is too old.” Only 37% said he is showing he “is fit to be president.”

When asked if Biden should run for a second term or not, 67% said “not run,” and only 33% said “run.”

Among those who said Biden should not run in 2024, 48% said it was because “he’s a bad president,” and 30% said “he’s too old.”

To read the survey, click here.

(Harvard Caps Harris)
(Harvard Caps Harris)
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