Biden Sees Pandemic As 'An Change Some of the Structural Things That Are Wrong' in USA

By Susan Jones | April 8, 2020 | 11:41am EDT
CNN's Chris Cuomo, ailing with COVID-19, interviewed former Vice President Joe Biden Tuesday night. (Photo: Screen capture)
CNN's Chris Cuomo, ailing with COVID-19, interviewed former Vice President Joe Biden by video connection Tuesday night. (Photo: Screen capture)

( - The coronavirus pandemic that has shut down large swaths of the American economy may give the next president the opportunity to "change some of the structural things that are wrong" in the United States, former Vice President Joe Biden told CNN's Chris Cuomo Tuesday night.

Biden mentioned the U.S. voting system first.

Cuomo asked Biden, "How big a challenge are you looking at," if Biden wins in 2020?

"Well, I think it's probably the biggest challenge in modern history, quite frankly," Biden replied:

I think it may not dwarf, but eclipse what FDR faced. But like everything we've ever done, Chris, if we think about it now, we are able to -- we're the only country in the world that's taken on crises and come out stronger for it.

We have an opportunity, Chris, to do so many things now to change some of the structural things that are wrong -- some of the structural things we couldn't get anybody's attention on. In a sense, no pun intended, the band-aid has been ripped off here.

Everybody now understands that we have a voting system that is not -- that is not transparent and clear and available for everyone. Everyone understands that the environment has impacted on this coronavirus, and mounting evidence of that. Everyone understands that we have to lead the world, we can't just sit back, because no one else will.

Everyone understands we have to, in fact, not only deal with another significant increase in funding for people who need the money just to keep their homes, just to keep their apartments, just to be able to keep things going. We then have to have a reconstructive part of this, just like the Recovery Act. And in that, we can do a lot to make things better across the board, including being better prepared.

Biden said the Obama administration had "CDC members in other countries to anticipate when viruses were going to occur.” He said Trump should also "have had people in China. Our people stayed in China, to see exactly what the Chinese were telling us, whether it was true," Biden said.

“There's so many things we've learned here that I think the public is going to be so much more ready to deal with some of the structural change that has to take place. But it's going to be very, very difficult.”

In response to another of Cuomo's "hypothetical" questions, Biden firmly rejected the idea of postponing elections because of the pandemic:

"Look, we've been through hell before. We had an election in the middle of the civil war," Biden said. "We've had an election in every major crisis. We can take care of our health and our democracy. The idea of postponing an election is not possible. It should not happen. The democracy has to continue to function. We have to lead."

In the very next breath, Biden said Wisconsin should not have held an "in-person" primary election on Tuesday in the midst of the pandemic: "It should have been all mail ballots in," Biden said.

Many other Democrats, including the Democrat National Committee, are pushing for vote-by-mail, which Republicans see as ripe for fraud.

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