'Black Voices for Trump' Advisor Warns of 'Global Movement to Destroy the United States'

By Susan Jones | July 2, 2020 | 6:20am EDT
The Stonewall Jackson statue is removed from Monument Avenue in Richmond, Virginia on July 1, 2020 by emergency order of the mayor. (Photo by RYAN M. KELLY/AFP via Getty Images)
The Stonewall Jackson statue is removed from Monument Avenue in Richmond, Virginia on July 1, 2020 by emergency order of the mayor. (Photo by RYAN M. KELLY/AFP via Getty Images)

(CNSNews.com) - Carol Swain, a former Vanderbilt Professor and an advisory board member with Black Voices for Trump, told Fox News Wednesday night that the ultimate goal of the recent protests, vandalism, and occupation is the destruction of the United States.

"It's not about police brutality or racism," Swain said:

I would say that it's part of a global movement to destroy the United States as we know it. And its roots are in Marxism, and anyone that studies Marxism knows where it goes. It goes to communism. And that's where we are headed.

So the activists that you see out there today, they have an agenda. They are well-organized. The uprisings are not spontaneous. The grievances of black people and others that are oppressed are being used to advance an agenda, and if they succeed in destroying America, I guarantee you no one will be happy with the nation that remains.

Asked about the toppling of statues and monuments -- and a recent "New York Times" examination of the carvings on Mt. Rushmore and the Indian land on which it sits -- Swain said our civilization and "everything that's traditional" is in the cross-hairs of the socialist left.

"There's no monument in America that’s safe at this time. So the thing that's most distressing is that our leaders in the Republican party, in the Democratic Party. There must be some sane people still in the party. They are not standing up, and this is not ending well.”

On the same day Swain spoke, the Mayor of Richmond, Va., using his emergency powers, ordered the removal of several monuments in the city, including the statue of Confederate General Stonewall Jackson. A crowd gathered in the rain to watch Stonewall fall.

Here are the reasons Mayor Levar Stoney gave for his emergency removal order:

"As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to surge, and protestors attempt to take down Confederate statues themselves, or confront others who are doing so, the risk grows for serious illness, injury, or death. We have an urgent need to protect the public.”

The mayor also said the removal of Confederate statues famously arrayed on the city's Monument Avenue "will expedite the healing process for the city, a former capital of the Confederacy constantly grappling with that legacy."

Swain said it's time for Americans to "wake up," because the agitators will never be satisfied:

"I think that Black Lives Matter, a lot of organizations, a lot of companies, they are endorsing that movement for protection because they feel if they don't, their windows will be broken out, their buildings will be burnt down. The police will not be there to protect anyone, so people are going along with them.

"And again, it will not end well, because the more they get, the more they want. And no one is pushing back. It's very distressing that people are not pushing back. I see that connected with all of the hysteria the Democrats are pushing with the coronavirus and making us all wear masks.

"It's all about destroying our way of life in America, and people need to wake up. Wake up!"

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