Gov. Kemp: 'Now the Vice President Is Lying...About Georgia's (Election) Law'

By Susan Jones | July 9, 2021 | 8:17am EDT
Behind the ballot drop box, voters wait in line to vote in person in Atlanta, Georgia. (Photo by TAMI CHAPPELL/AFP via Getty Images)
Behind the ballot drop box, voters wait in line to vote in person in Atlanta, Georgia. (Photo by TAMI CHAPPELL/AFP via Getty Images)

( - A day after Vice President Kamala Harris announced a $25-million, Democrat-funded "voter protection" effort, Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp said she's lying about voter integrity laws, such as the one Georgia has passed.

The Democrat Party says it will "invest $25 million in voter education, voter protection, targeted voter registration, and technology to make voting more accessible and to fight back against Republicans’ unprecedented voter suppression efforts."

Speaking about fighting back, Kemp told "Fox & Friends" on Friday, "Hey, we got to fight like hell. That's what I've been telling people," he said, amid both praise and criticism of Georgia's new election safeguards:

"We have the truth on our side," Kemp said. "Now the vice president is lying like the president has been about Georgia's law."

Harris told a gathering at Howard University on Thursday that Republican states (Georgia among them) are passing laws that will "cut early voting," "cut vote-by-mail," and "make it difficult for folks who wait in line."

"These laws create obstacle upon obstacle," Harris claimed. "These laws make it harder for you to vote, because they don't want you to vote."

Kemp refuted her argument:

We actually add the amount of days that people can vote early on the weekends in the State of Georgia. We've got many more opportunities for people to vote early than President Biden's own State of Delaware and a lot of other states where the Democrats are in control. They're just not being truthful to people.

And, listen, this is just part of their playbook. Their legislation failed at Congress, to have a federal takeover of elections, which is unconstitutional. Now they have the Department of Justice, when we have, you know, violent crime, killings in major cities all over the country, a crisis at the border, and the fight they're picking is suing us over our elections integrity act.

And they realize now, after the (Supreme Court) Arizona ruling, that's not going to work. Now they are moving to the Democratic Party at the national level, trying to spend $25 million to cancel us. But my message is, look, we are going to stand up and fight. We have the truth on our side. But you need to be aware they are going to try to cancel you. They are going to try to boycott your business, move your ballgame just like they did the All-Star game in Georgia.

They are going to come after your way of life. This isn't a fight just in Georgia. This is a nationwide fight. It is one worth fighting. And that is what I'm going to continue to do.

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