Sen. Kennedy: 'Chicago Is Now the Largest Outdoor Shooting Range in America'

By Susan Jones | July 7, 2020 | 7:12am EDT
Sen. John Kennedy (R-La.) (Photo by Jim Bourg/AFP via Getty Images)
Sen. John Kennedy (R-La.) (Photo by Jim Bourg/AFP via Getty Images)

( - "Chicago is now the largest outdoor shooting range in America," Sen. John Kennedy (R-La.) told Fox News's Sean Hannity Monday night.

"And other cities are a following. It's not caused by the coronavirus, it's not caused by racism. It's caused by nihilism," Kennedy said.

"To kill a child, you have to be a nihilist goon with no values whatsoever. But that is what happens when we defund our police, when we refuse to fix our schools, and we undermine the family unit."

This past holiday weekend, from 6 p.m. Thursday through Sunday night, 87 people were shot in Chicago, in 47 different attacks. A 7-year-old girl was among the 17 people who died.

Sen. Kennedy noted that former President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden had eight years to address the problems in America's inner cities, which are no better off now than they were then.

In fact, crime is escalating as the nation's major Democrat-run cities consider calls to defund or even disband police departments.

Kennedy noted that Democrat presidential hopeful Joe Biden has promised to "transform America."

"He will," Kennedy warned:

And the American people will pay a fearsome price. His foreign policy is hugs and hot cocoa for America's enemies. If he's elected, my advice to you is, build a fallout shelter...Build a fallout shelter. You'll need it.

Weakness invites the wolves. His domestic policy, he wants you -- he wants all of us to surrender our money and our freedom, every bit of it, to Washington. If you want 52 weeks of vacation a year, vote for him, because he's going to bankrupt your employer.

Here's what he says to our young people. Finish school. And get a job. Work hard. So I, Vice President Biden, can give the money you earned to someone who didn't. And finally, I think he will eviscerate our health care delivery system. I'm sure he will say, if you like your health care, you can keep it. But we've seen that movie before.

White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany on Monday scolded reporters for not asking a single question about the escalating violence in America’s Democrat-run cities.

Here’s how she ended Monday’s briefing:

You know, I was asked probably 12 questions about the Confederate flag. This President is focused on action, and I'm a little dismayed that I didn't receive one question on the deaths that we got in this country this weekend.

I didn't receive one question about New York City shootings doubling for the third straight week. And over the last seven days, shootings skyrocketed by 142 percent. Not one question. I didn't receive one question about five children who were killed.

And I'll leave you with this remark by a dad -- it broke my heart -- a dad of an eight-year-old lost in Atlanta this weekend: "They say black lives killed a child. She didn't do nothing to nobody," was his quote.

We need to be focused on securing our streets, making sure no lives are lost, because all black lives matter -- that of David Dorn (a retired St. Louis police officer shot and killed last month) and that of this eight-year-old girl.

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