Pro-Life Activist/Ex-Planned Parenthood Employee: ‘I Have Had Enough’ of the ‘Moral Decay in Our Society’

Craig Millward | December 6, 2019 | 12:45pm EST
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Pro-life leader Abby Johnson. (Getty Images)
Pro-life leader Abby Johnson. (Getty Images)

( -- Upon receiving an “Impact Award” from United in Purpose on Wednesday, Dec. 4, pro-life activist and former Planned Parenthood employee Abby Johnson said, “there is this moral decay in our society” and “I have had enough of people telling our children that the moral decay in our society is normal.”

Johnson was one was one of 10 conservative leaders to receive an “Impact Award” in a ceremony held at the Trump International Hotel in Washington, D.C. on Wednesday.

According to their website, the Impact Awards “recognize outstanding efforts of unsung warriors in numerous fields. Honorees are making notable contributions to preserving America’s liberties with their life work.”

The third annual event was hosted by Ginni Thomas, the President of Liberty Consulting, and the wife of Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas.

“I just want to encourage you today,” said Abby Johnson. “I look around our society and there are so many things that plague us today. We see that there is this moral decay in our society. We see that there is this LGBT agenda being pushed on our children through the public education system and in some cases the private education system. We see that our children are being taught to be tolerant in the name of pushing beliefs that they have been taught, to the side.”


“It is truly indoctrination and I am just here to say that I’ve had enough,” said Johnson.  “I have had enough. I have had enough of people telling our children that the moral decay in our society is normal. I’ve had enough of over 2,000 babies being killed in the womb every single day in the name of choice. I’ve had enough.”

“And I believe that it is time for all of us patriots to stand up and to say enough,” she continued.  “And to stop worrying about offending the other side, people on the other side of these issues because -- let me tell you something friends -- people on the other side of these issues, they are not in the least bit concerned about offending you. People who are offended by the truth will always be offended. And people like us must always be willing to offend them with the truth.”

(United in Purpose)
(United in Purpose)

“So I just want to encourage you in this fight,” said Johnson.  “I just want to encourage all of us to unite, to stand against the dangerous policies that are being put out there, that are targeting our children, our youth, and even our children in the womb.”

“And in 2020, I just want to encourage all of you to keep America great,” she said.

United in Purpose, led by CEO Bill Dallas, is a non-profit organization whose mission is to “educate and encourage our membership to advocate for positive outcomes in the social welfare and public policy arenas across a broad spectrum of state and national issues.”

Other award winners on Wednesday included Sharyl Attkisson, investigative journalist and host of “Full Measure with Sheryl Attkisson”; Eric Cochran, Pinterest whistleblower; Justin Danhof, general counsel for the National Center for Public Policy Research; Jason D. Hill, professor at DePaul University; Rep. Mark Meadows (R-N.C.), syndicated columnist Michelle Malkin; and documentary filmmakers Ann McElhinney and Phelim McAleer.

Jordan Peterson, professor of psychology at the University of Toronto won the 2019 “Outstanding Impact Award,” while Princeton Professor Robert P. George won United in Purpose’s “‘Lifetime Achievement Award.” 

The full event can be viewed here.

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