National Border Patrol Council President: Guatemalan President Offered Biden a Chance to Deport Migrants Before They Reach Mexico, But Biden Refused

Melanie Arter | November 1, 2022 | 10:35am EDT
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Former President Donald Trump with Brandon Judd, President of the National Border Patrol Council (Photo by NICHOLAS KAMM/AFP via Getty Images)
Former President Donald Trump with Brandon Judd, President of the National Border Patrol Council (Photo by NICHOLAS KAMM/AFP via Getty Images)

( – National Border Patrol Council President Brandon Judd said Monday that Guatemalan President Alejandro Giammattei offered President Biden a chance to deport migrants before they even got into Mexico, but Biden refused.

He said that Border Patrol agents aren’t even patrolling the southwest border anymore, because they’ve all been assigned to “administration duties.”

“This administration is clearly set on allowing this to continue. A very disturbing report came out today that the president of Guatemala offered president Biden a chance to deport these individuals before they even got into Mexico, let alone the United States,” he told Fox News’ “Your World with Neil Cavuto.”

“The president of Guatemala said, ‘All you have to do is provide us with planes, and we will deport them back,’ taking the burden off the United States altogether if we would have done that, but, this is something that the Biden administration has continued to refuse. All solutions, every single one of them that have been presented to this administration, they continue to refuse to implement -- no new policies, no new programs,” he said.

“What’s very devastating about what you are seeing with all these people right now, it’s DPS, it’s Texas DPS that are taking these people into custody. It's not the Border Patrol. It’s not even us that are out there patrolling the border,” Judd said. 

“I just had Senator Tuberville on the border on Friday, and we drove along for 30 minutes and did not come across one Border Patrol agent. Not one of my fellow agents were out there patrolling the border, because all of us are assigned to doing administrative duties, and that makes this situation a lot worse and a lot more dangerous for everybody,” he said.

When asked whether the Biden administration will consider a third country option for migrants looking to travel to the United States, Judd said, “That would be a solution, but again this administration is not working towards solutions. They would have to negotiate this with a partner country. That's something the Trump administration was already doing when it negotiated Remain in Mexico. 

“Then of course it was negotiating TPS. They were negotiating several different programs that would allow to control the border, and this organization scrapped everything, and if they were working on something, that would be something that we could hold hope to and say, hey, at least they’re working toward something, but there is nothing in the works, and that report again that just came out with the Guatemalan president just lambasted President Biden because he refused to act,” he said.

“That's just another example that this administration does not care about border security. They’re going to continue to let the border be completely be wide open. Border Patrol agents, we’re going to continue to have the handcuffs on us -- rather than bad guys, and people are going to continue to get away, and we’re not going to feel the effects until the future, but we will ultimately feel the effects of everything that is currently going on, on the border,” Judd added.

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