Sen. Cruz: Democrats ‘Believe’ Voter Fraud ‘Helps Elect More Democrats,’ ‘The More Fraud the Better’

Micky Wootten | September 29, 2022 | 10:02am EDT
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Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas)  (Getty Images)
Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) (Getty Images)

(CNS News) -- While criticizing the proposed Corrupt Politicians Act, Senator Ted Cruz (R-Tex.) argued that Democrats “have made a cynical decision to embrace voter fraud” because they “believe it will help them win.” Thus, for them, “the more fraud the better,” he said.

“Voter fraud is a real problem for our elections -- this wasn’t always a controversial statement,” said Cruz at a Sept. 27 business meeting of the Senate Committee on Rules and Administration. “Unfortunately, today’s Democrats have made a cynical decision to embrace voter fraud.”

“Democrats believe it will help them win, the more fraud the better,” he said.

During the meeting, Cruz acknowledged that “voter fraud has been a persistent challenge in our elections from the dawn of time.”

“Democrats used to acknowledge that,” he said.  “That didn’t used to be a controversial statement until suddenly the 2020 election, when Democrats began clutching their pearls and insisting there is no voter fraud, it never has happened, and anyone who says it does happen, is wearing a tinfoil hat and is a moon-bat conspiracy theorist,” continued Cruz. 

According to the Texas senator, “You can see in the Democrats’ effort to pass the Corrupt Politicians Act, S1, that the Democrat Party today has made a decision that voter fraud is affirmatively in its political interest.”

Cruz went on to address what he sees as the many shortcomings of the Corrupt Politicians Act.

“The Corrupt Politicians Act would strike down every photo ID law in the country despite the fact that overwhelming super majorities of Americans support photo ID for voting,” said Cruz.  “The Corrupt Politicians Act would strike down laws in states across this country prohibiting ballot harvesting even though former Democrat President Jimmy Carter told us that ballot harvesting is one of the greatest avenues for voter fraud you can have.”

“The Corrupt Politicians Act would register millions of felons to vote and would register millions of illegal aliens to vote,” he added. 

“And yet, unfortunately, today’s Democrats have made, I think, a very cynical political decision that voter fraud, they believe, helps elect more Democrats, and so the more fraud the better,” said Cruz.

The “For the People Act,” (H.R. 1 / S. 1),” dubbed the Corrupt Politicians Act by its opponents, “was originally introduced in 2019 and was re-introduced to the 117th Congress by Democrats. It passed the House on March 3, 2021. It received full support from Senate Democrats, although the bill did not garner the 60 votes needed to surpass a filibuster. 

According to the Committee on House Administration, H.R. 1 “is a sweeping package of pro-democracy and anticorruption reforms to put power back in the hands of the American people by ending the dominance of big money in politics; making it easier, not harder to vote; and ensuring that politicians actually serve the public interest.”

The most notable aspects of the bill include using taxpayer funds to match campaign donations 6 to 1, canceling any state-level voter ID requirements, allowing the federal government to take over the oversight of elections, and allowing anyone to vote by mail without an ID or witness signature.

Critics label the legislation the Corrupt Politicians Act because, they contend, its campaign finance rules would require taxpayers to fund the work and campaigns of career politicians and not strengthen election integrity.  

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