Pelosi: Trump Looked 'Sedated'; 'Imperative' to Have 'New President' Next Year

Susan Jones | February 6, 2020 | 12:35pm EST
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House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) (Photo by MANDEL NGAN/AFP via Getty Images)
House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) (Photo by MANDEL NGAN/AFP via Getty Images)

( - House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) told a news conference on Thursday that President Trump's State of the Union address "was beneath the dignity of the White House, an insult to the Congress of the United States and the American people."

She also said Trump looked "a little sedated" to her.

Asked if she would invite Trump to deliver another State of the Union next year, Pelosi unloaded:

Next year, we will have a new president of the United States. That is an absolute imperative for our country, for our Constitution. For the land that we love, from sea to shining sea, which he degrades almost every day, but several times a week; for who we are as a people, a nation of immigrants, unless you're blessed to be born a native American; a nation who he denigrates, and our values, which he just -- disloyal to the Constitution, degrades the environment, denigrates who we are as a people, and undervalues who we are as a great country that is a good -- that is a good country, where people care about each other and where there is a sense of community.

It's appalling the things that he says. And you say to me, tearing up his falsehoods, isn't that the wrong message? No, it isn't. It's just, I have tried to be gracious with him, I'm always dignified, I thought that was a very dignified act compared to my exuberances, as I said. But we will not allow any president to use that Capitol, that chamber of the House of Representatives, the people's house, as a backdrop for him.

Now all presidents have guests. Constant guests? That was not State of the Union. That was a state -- his state of mind. We were at the State of the Union, where are we -- where are we going and the rest. Not, let me just show you how many guests I can draw. And let me say how I can give a medal of honor -- do it in your own office. We don't come in your office and do congressional business. Why are you doing that here?

Quite frankly when he started talking about someone with stage four cancer -- all of that, I thought he was -- I don't know which stage John Lewis's cancer is at, but when he started talking about someone with cancer, we thought he was going to talk about John Lewis. A hero in our country? Come on!

So, in any event, I feel very liberated. I feel very liberated. I feel that I've extended every possible courtesy, I've shown every level of respect. I say to my members all the time, there's no such thing as an eternal animosity. There are eternal friendships, but you never know on what cause you may come together with somebody you may perceive as your foe right now. Everybody is a possible ally in whatever comes next.

E pluribus unum. From many, one. They didn't know how many we'd be or how different we'd be, but they wanted us always to remember we were one. And they, our Founders, are their differences, as do we. So, again, I extend the hand of friendship to him. To welcome him as the president of the United States. To the people's house. It was also an act of kindness because he looked to me like a little sedated. He looked that way last year, too.

But he didn't want to shake hands...that meant nothing to me. That had nothing to do with my tearing up (Trump's speech). That came much later. You know, a speed reader, I went right through that thing. I knew what was coming when I saw the compilation of falsehoods, but then heard like the first quarter or third, then I started to think there has to be something that clearly indicates to the American people that this is not the truth.

And he has shredded the truth in his speech, he is shredding the Constitution in his conduct. I shredded his 'state of his mind' address. Thank you all very much.


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