Barack Obama's Favorite Pastor Is Baaaaaaack, And He's On A Mission

Bill Hobbs | April 10, 2012 | 11:04am EDT
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Barack Obama's favorite pastor is baaaaaaack, and he's on a mission to make sure America knows the truth (or his version of it) about Thomas Jefferson – and Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas.

In a hate-filled sermon at a revival during the week before Easter at Metropolitan Baptist Church in South Carolina, Rev. Jeremiah Wright, who poured his racist, anti-American screed into young Barack Obama's brain every Sunday for 20 years, declared American founding father Thomas Jefferson a “pedophile.”

He also attacked Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, saying Thomas worships “some other God”, not Yahweh or Allah (whom Wright declared to be one and the same, a viewpoint not shared by most Christians, lay or clergy).

Justice Thomas would likely be surprised to learn he doesn't worship the God of the Bible. He's a practicing Roman Catholic. In his 2007 autobiography, Thomas criticized the Catholic Church for its failure to grapple with racism in the 1960s, asserting that the Church was not as "adamant about ending racism then as it is about ending abortion now.”

For his part, while Jeremiah Wrong was hate-preaching in South Carolina last week, Clarence Thomas was speaking to law students at the University of Kentucky.

The Lexington Herald-Leader reports on his appearance there:

"Thomas, 63, described himself as a 'no-frills guy' who doesn't play golf or tennis, or drink or smoke. He said he went to a Cracker Barrel restaurant with three non-lawyer buddies for his 60th birthday. As he left no doubt about his conservative leanings, Thomas also left no doubt about his feelings for his grandparents while talking about his autobiography My Grandfather's Son: A Memoir, or about his view of the Supreme Court.

"The justice said he wrote his 2007 autobiography to honor his grandparents. ... Thomas said his maternal grandfather, Myers Anderson, with whom he and his younger brother lived in Savannah, Ga., while growing up, fought for racial change, was never embittered and considered education his 'holy grail." Thomas said his grandfather was never harsh and always honest. He said if his grandparents were present, he would 'kiss their feet and thank them.'

"Thomas described the Supreme Court as a 'wonderful place' that 'might be better than we deserve.' He said the other justices are 'good people' and his friends; he's never heard an unkind word among the nine justices when they discuss legal cases."

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