Washington Post Frets Over Romney's Legal Disclosure Of Financials

Bill Hobbs | April 6, 2012 | 9:33am EDT
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The Washington Post is troubled that Mitt Romney's financial disclosure - which meets the requirements of federal law for candidates for federal office - doesn't let them know where every penny of his money is invested.

This really, really bothers the Washington Post - it bothers them so much that the WaPo published a whole long story talking about what it doesn't know, because Romney didn't tell them, even though he doesn't have to, and fretting darkly about "what might emerge if Romney revealed the assets he holds in Bain accounts."

Without getting too technical, the gist of the story is this: Some of Romney's money is invested in funds connected to Bain Capital, the investment company he retired from in 1999. However, his disclosure does not specify the specific companies those funds are invested in.

To really put the screws to Romney, they quoted an expert complaining that Romney is not being transparent enough. The critic? "A Republican lawyer who has represented dozens of candidates and officials in the disclosure process, including Romney’s leading challenger for the GOP nomination, Rick Santorum."

The WaPo grudgingly admits that Romney's financial disclosure meets federal requirements. And, they admit, the 2004 Democratic presidential nominee, John Kerry, also declined to disclose everything - and that a number of wealthy Democrat senators have followed the same disclosure path as Romney.

While the WaPo's implication that, somehow, Romney is bending the rules, is false, I can't fault the paper for looking into his finances.Every potential president should be vetted.

So, just as soon as they finish with looking at Romney's finances and business record, I predict the WaPo will be reporting on the contents of Barack Obama's college writings.

Because they never got around to doing that back in 2008.

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