Pro-Lifers, Rejoice: We Won!

By Bob Morrison | November 5, 2012 | 4:55pm EST

Dear Fellow Pro-Lifers: We won! We know this because now even The New York Times’ Resident Really Smart Fellow has written that he is pro-life, too! His recent column titled “Why I am Pro-Life” even ran in the Sunday Times, where all the important stuff appears. Friends, this is almost as big as the Fall of the Berlin Wall.

No scare quotes in the title, Mr. Friedman writes Pro-Life out straight. Amazing. The Gray Lady is now giving us the same respect she normally reserves for Ansar al-Sharia.

Thomas Friedman must be reading the Gallup Polls, too, where 51 percent of Americans say they are pro-life. And perhaps Friedman has read fellow journalist Joe Klein in Time Magazine. Mr. Klein says that ultra-sound has made it “impossible to deny the reality that that thing in the womb is a human being.” One of our major parties, most of our media, and the vast majority of Hollywood celebs are going to have to work harder now to deny The Reality. (By the way, Joe Klein, we would respectfully submit that that “thing” is actually a child. But you’re coming around. Bless you for it.)

Now, of course, Thomas Friedman puts something of his own spin on what Pro-Life actually means. He names New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg as the country’s leading pro-lifer. Mayor Bloomberg has forced medical residents in city hospitals to kill unborn children as part of their training. That’s an odd definition of “leading Pro-Lifer” to us, but Bloomberg did ban Big Gulps.

Thomas Friedman doesn’t actually sit in the Chair of St. Peter, but his pronouncements nonetheless have the authoritative ring of papal bulls. Or some kind of bull, anyway. As a newly converted Pro-Lifer, Friedman says: “I will not let that label apply to people for whom the sanctity of life begins at conception and ends at birth.” No sooner has Friedman joined our pro-life ranks than he starts excommunicating heretics!

Well, we won’t let that label apply to people who reject the Sanctity of Life after birth, either. We have always supported marriage of mothers and fathers as the best protection for children – born and unborn. We support a vibrant civil society that does a better job of protecting children than too many of our public institutions do. Churches, synagogues and schools, including home schools, are nurseries of civic engagement. Edmund Burke said it well: “The family is that little platoon in which we move in society.” We who defend the right to life of the unborn child must also defend those little platoons. We embrace social justice for the poor and we think protecting true marriage is the best way to achieve it.

Thomas Friedman deplores pro-lifers whom he says are indifferent to mass murderers like the Aurora shooter. No one we have ever met in the Pro-Life movement is indifferent to murder. We believe in strong law enforcement and in the right of Americans to defend themselves. There is no inconsistency.

Mr. Friedman thinks we want to protect all “fertilized eggs.” Actually, sir, science knows there is no such thing. When a mother’s egg descends into the Fallopian Tubes and is fertilized by the father’s sperm, the new human life thus created is called a zygote, by definition a single-celled embryo. Very soon, this zygote divides and the embryo – an embryonic child, as one would say in laymen’s terms – continues the wonder that is development of a new, unique life. Friedman’s definition of Pro-Life means he gets to decide which unborn children should be protected. We agree instead with the late Gov. Bob Casey (D-Penn.).

When pressed on the heinous crimes of rape and incest, Gov. Casey said he favored vigorous prosecution of such crimes and the greatest compassion and practical help for the women who are victims. But he could not agree that an unborn child must be killed for the crimes of her father.

Thomas Friedman thinks that some unborn children should die. And he thinks Gov. Casey was an extremist for thinking otherwise. Pennsylvania voters thought otherwise. In 1990, they gave Gov. Bob Casey the greatest re-election victory of any governor in that state’s history. Were those voters extremist, too?

Thomas Friedman should meet Ryan Bomberger. Ryan is a young Pennsylvanian whose life began after the horrible crime of rape. His mother chose life and made an adoption plan for Ryan. Now, this young Pro-Lifer leads the Radiance Foundation and speaks out against the black genocide of abortion (Mr. Friedman’s city, New York, has a 59.8 percent black abortion rate.).

Thomas Friedman has written that he wishes the U.S. were ruled by the Chinese leaders for just one day. Why? So we might have their forced abortions, their toll of female infanticide and their targeting of unborn girls for destruction? Worldwide, some 200 million unborn children who are identified as female have been killed. There, sir, is your real War on Women.

Thomas Friedman gained international acclaim for his book, The World is Flat. Maybe soon, he will learn that the earth is round and it is enriched, not impoverished, by a flourishing human family.

Editor's Note: This column was co-authored by David Prentice. Robert Morrison is Family Research Council’s Senior Fellow for Policy Studies. Dr. David Prentice is a cell biologist and Director of the Center for Human Life and Bioethics at the Family Research Council.

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