How To 'Outreach' To Minorities: Treat Them Like Adults

Bob Parks | February 25, 2013 | 3:09pm EST
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Conservatives are always complaining about identity politics. Yet, we hear all this talk about how they need to reach out to blacks and Latinos, just like the liberals do - because, if they don't, they're doomed. Maybe, the reason conservatives don't have a viable outreach strategy is that they really shouldn't have one.

For the last few decades (at least until Al got a day gig with MSNBC), Sharpton and Jackson have made a habit of traveling around the country every two years, latching onto whatever campaign would let them, screaming that the Democrats shouldn't take the black vote for granted.

Common sense would dictate that the reason they have to do this every two years is that liberals have always taken the minority vote for granted.

They routinely promise they'll improve schools, fight crime, create jobs, and have been promising this for the last 50-plus years - and almost every one of those promises has been broken. Nothing has changed in minority communities, except for how much worse conditions have gotten.

What, then, exactly are politicians supposed to "promise" blacks and other minorities, and would those promises really be ethical and equal to everyone else? Why should they pander to minorities - especially, by promising things they have no intention of ever providing?

Conservatives should remind minorities that it is the left that treats them like ignorant children, lying (that's right, I said it!) about our history, about who has actually worked very hard to deny civil rights to them. Black Americans are probably the only group of people in the world that doesn't have an accurate grasp of its experience here and of how it has been used them every two years by those who perpetuate that faux heritage.

Liberals should be called to admit to their murderous past and explain why their minority districts consistently decline while almost all others prosper. They should be made to explain why they portray us in ways they'd never portray whites in the mass media. They should be held accountable for their removal of our humanity.

Minorities should question their allegiance to politicians who pay them the very definition of "lip service" - but, remain silent while people live in war zones with crime levels that would not be tolerated in white communities, with schools that should've been bulldozed decades ago that NO members of the Congressional Black Caucus would send their children to, with economies that haven't been seen in a white area since the Great Depression.

Politicians should not reach out to minorities using lame videos and strategies developed by people who have to rely on focus groups to learn how to present ideas to minorities. They should remind Minorities, time and time again, about their real history in this country and who's been deliberately keeping them from knowing it.

They should treat minorities like adults for once. What could it hurt?

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