Taxpayers Spend Equivalent Of 130,000 Jobs On The Obama Family Household

By Celia Bigelow | March 14, 2013 | 2:41pm EDT

According to President Obama, we "don't have a spending problem" we have a "health care problem." Well, he should tell that to the 296,000 people who gave up looking for a job in the last month.

It's interesting that the president would say we don't have a spending problem--he has successfully added $6 trillion to the national debt in the last four years, more than any other preceding president. And, just yesterday he told ABC News he won't balance the budget "for the sake of balance." He also told ABC News that there isn't an "immediate crisis in terms of debt."

With America $16 trillion in the hole and a recent study showing the Obamacare is expected to add $6 trillion to our long-term deficits, it is puzzling why the president would make such statements.

However, it is usually hard for the average American to wrap their head around the severity of a $16 trillion debt--it is $16 trillion today, $16 trillion yesterday, and it will be $16 trillion tomorrow. So let's try to put it into terms they can relate to--jobs.

The average American makes roughly $43,000 annually...

How many jobs could be created with the $1 trillion in proposed tax hikes in the Senate budget?

If there is one thing all Americans can agree on it is this: we hate the amount of money taken out of our paychecks in taxes. The new Senate budget--the first in four years--is equipped with $1 trillion in proposed tax hikes. If you divide that $1 trillion that will be taken out of the pockets of the American people by the average American salary--$43,000--what do you get? The equivalent of 23 million average American jobs.

How many jobs could have been created in the last four years with the amount of money spent on the Obama family?

It's been estimated that it costs taxpayers $1.4 billion each year to fund the Obama family budget. If the estimation is accurate, the total cost to the American taxpayers over the last four years is 5,600,000,000. If you divide this number by the average salary of the American worker ($43,000), you get about 130,230. The money spent on the Obama's is equivalent to 130,230 American jobs.

The Obama's have spent nearly $20 million on Hawaii vacations four the last four years--the equivalent of 116 American jobs.

Obamacare is expected to add $6 trillion to our long-term deficits--how many jobs could this cost?

According to the Government Accountability Office, Obamacare is expected to add $6.2 trillion to America's tab. That $6.2 trillion will ultimately come out of the pockets of American workers in the long-run and will have a dramatic effect on the country's workforce. Just how bad could it be? $6.2 trillion is the equivalent of 145 million full-time jobs.

How many jobs could have been created in the private sector if America was debt free?

If you divide $16 trillion by the average salary of an American worker you would get approximately 372 million. That's right, if Washington decided to live within its means, not steal from future generations, and kept the money in the private sector, 372 million potential jobs could have been created.

These are all hypothetical situations--and there are a lot of different factors that go into job creation and job loss--but this is putting Washington's spending in terms that that will resonate with the average American.

So, do you really believe President Obama when he says America doesn't have a "spending problem"?

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