America Is A Frog In A Pot Of Slowly Heating Water That's About To Boil

Charlie Daniels | November 18, 2012 | 8:18pm EST
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It's hard for us to understand what happened to the America where unborn life was once respected and protected, where marriage existed only between a man and a woman and was considered sacred and where no self respecting person would ever stand in front of a television audience of millions and tell them it was her right to have her contraception paid for out of the public coffers.

Where people took the responsibility for taking care of their families and would never lie about their infirmities in order to collect a disability check, when teenage pregnancy was rare and church attendance was routine in most families, before ambulance chasers clogged the courtrooms with frivolous lawsuits and the name and symbolism of God and His Son Jesus Christ were prominently displayed in public places.

For decades we have found it easier to just go along with the crowd than to stand up for what we believe in. Social expediency, not wanting to appear to be out of touch, being the odd man out, the one with the backward thinking, not willing to go along with the changing times and changing mores, expandable ethics and optional morals of the modern times; these thoughts have crept into the mindsets of too many of us.

We didn't come to this sorry place in history overnight, it happened in increments and every inch we surrendered to the dark side which never gave an inch back, and the dark side immediately continued their unrelenting battle against a naive and passive people who just didn't have the time or the will to be bothered.

How many conversations have you just listened to and disagreed with but weren't willing to stand your ground? How many times have you been asked you opinion and didn't answer truthfully because you would have gone against the popular thinking?

We keep on accepting more and more trash on TV until prime time has turned into a garbage pile where any language is acceptable, where live-in lovers and same-sex couples are presented as normal American households.

America's work ethic has been withering for decades. America, the land where the automobile was invented, lost the lead in the industry many years ago, not because of inability but because of losing sight of quality and economy, and unions who protected unproductive workers and shoddy workmanship.

We are raising a generation, who think they should have a good paying job just because they have a collage degree, and are not willing to accept an entry-level job and work their way up.

Our illegal immigration problem is caused by the fact that Americans think it's better to draw a government entitlement than to do a menial but honest job.

America is a frog in a pot of slowly heating water and it's just about to reach the boiling point and we don't even know it.

The season of America's national discontent is fast approaching and as the people who saw another Obama term as their salvation start to realize it's their downfall the manifestation is not going to be pretty.

Our permissiveness, greed, self-absorption, sloth and fear of being an out of touch anomaly has caught up with us and Barack Obama is only the standard bearer for America's slide toward mediocrity, the Pied Piper that will lead us off the cliff and it's a difficult climb back up.

What do you think?

Pray for our troops, and for our country.

God Bless America

Charlie Daniels

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