Divided We Fall

By Charlie Daniels | June 26, 2012 | 11:39am EDT

I have lived in the United States of America for some 75 years. I’ve witnessed a World War, the nuclear age, segregation, the Vietnam fiasco and 12 presidential administrations and I have never seen this nation as divided as it is today.

The divisions are not only along racial, financial and political lines but sexual, religious, and moral issues divide us as never before in history.

Mainstream America, traditionally the vast majority has shrunk, split off and splintered; the nuclear family, once the moral compass of the nation, has diminished to almost a secondary role as divorce and teenage pregnancy take their toll.

The swelling entitlement segment gathers momentum and political clout like a runaway train as power hungry politicians cater to any pressure group with enough votes to affect an election - and the productive segment that has to foot the bill is fed up.

Universities, for the most part, have forsaken any semblance of neutrality as liberal professors openly espouse their radical views and belittle anything or anybody who takes a stand against their socialist dogma.

The advent of the 24-hour news cycle and the point-counterpoint nature of the shows have all but done away with civil public discourse as pundits defend or promote points they don't even necessarily agree with, simply because it's their job.

The very people who shout the loudest about separation of church and state are willing to invade the sacred ground of deeply held religious beliefs to enforce their murderous abortion policies and believers aren't buying it.

The two major political parties never miss an opportunity to blast each other, seemingly more interested in making the other guys look bad than making themselves look good.

War has always divided populations and this nation has been fighting on two fronts for too many years and the American people are questioning the results and the reasoning behind fighting any longer.

Some environmental groups are reasonable and vocal, but too many others are abrasive and violent and alienate many people who might otherwise be at least sensitive to their cause, were it presented in a more rational, less offensive manner.

The occupy group seeks confrontation and it will surely find it. And, the results will probably not be pretty, while the ramifications will probably make some lawyers rich.

Politicians foster downright hatred with silly positions like “pushing grandmother over a cliff in a wheelchair " or "tax breaks for the rich," using blistering hyperbole and downright lies to cover their own miserable shortcomings.

The media has become agenda driven and can't be trusted to deliver the news in any kind of balance. They love controversy and dissension and fan the flames every chance they get, unmindful of who gets burned.

Our education system has become more about teachers than students, more about politics than learning and American students lag behind even some third-world countries in science and math.

Blaspheming the Creator's name has become commonplace and God will not tolerate it forever.

As the old hymn says, we've drifted too far from shore headed for dark and stormy waters.

I'm sure glad I know where my Anchor is.

What do you think?

Pray for our troops, and for our country.

God Bless America

Charlie Daniels

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