The Federal Government Is Grabbing Unprecedented and Dangerous Raw Power

By Charlie Daniels | March 29, 2013 | 12:52pm EDT

The seizing of power is not always accomplished by military coup or even at the ballot box. As the old saying goes, there's more than one way to skin a cat, some being so subtle and gradual, flying below the radar and stealthily creeping piecemeal into society in the guise of benefiting the "greater good" that by the time a slumbering society is awakened to the danger, it is firmly entrenched and extremely powerful.

The early stages of such takeovers seldom affect the whole of society at any one time.  It's accomplished by fostering confusion, class envy and the feeling that somebody is not paying their "fair share," that there are people who don't want the masses to have a level playing field, don't want poor people to have health care or adequate food and housing and the problems of the underclass are all their fault.

A public which is mostly convinced that the system needs changing and don't really mind the painful ones as long as it's "them" not us that it happens to, not realizing that the pain will eventually fall on them, also.

Can it happen in America? The answer to that is that it's already happening in America.

The unchallenged presidential fiat, a legislative body too politically expedient or just too lazy to fully read or comprehend the bills they pass, giving too much latitude to government agencies run by appointed bureaucrats with some idealistic ax to grind.

The give an inch, take a mile regulation of agencies that turn out reams of meaningless caveats make breaking their petty rules all but impossible.

The purchase of heavy-duty weapons, armored vehicles and millions of rounds of ammunition by Homeland Security, an agency with no mandate to raise an army, especially one to be deployed on American soil.

The first small harbingers of Obamacare are starting to show their heads and, bit by bit, as America's health care nightmare unfolds, citizens will begin to understand how inept, corrupt and incompetent our government has grown. Then, apathy will turn to anger, and anger to frustration, as these and other manifestations of Obama's power-grab start to manifest themselves.

The impassioned plea for gun control, banning certain calibers of firearms and magazines is only the beginning in the incremental disarming of America and as each increment is enacted they will move quickly on to the next phase until, like prewar Germany and many other nations who learned the hard way, law-abiding citizens will be left without protection.

You only need talk to a logger in Oregon, or a fisherman in New England to find out how restrictive and many times silly some of the restrictions these desk jockeys can come up with really are.

America's Coal Belt is being decimated, not just an industry, but also a way of life, as generations of miners are being uprooted by Obama's war on coal. Not a "let's find a way to make this work" attitude, mind you, but a "coal is dirty and needs to go now" attitude that's having disastrous effects on a region that has had its share of trouble.

In my opinion, the military of the United States is being systematically looted via budgets cut to the detriment of our readiness, retirement of experienced officers and the slowing of the research and development of new weapon systems that would keep our fighting forces up with, or ahead of, our enemies.

Raw power is being handed over to the federal government in unprecedented and dangerous amounts and, once the power becomes strong enough, the true purposes will be exposed as America succumbs to the very dictatorial system it fought against for a century.

Do you think I'm wrong?

Let's both hope so.

What do you think?

Pray for our troops and the peace of Jerusalem.

God Bless America

Charlie Daniels

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