There Ain't No 'X' in Christmas

By Charlie Daniels | December 18, 2012 | 11:41am EST

I am sick and tired of a few atheists, politically correct elitists and the lawyers at the ACLU telling Americans we have no right to publicly display of the symbols of Christmas.

Talk about the tail wagging the dog. The only reason we even have Christmas is to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ, hence CHRISTmas. What's so hard to understand about that?

Does this seem as ridiculous to ya'll as it does to me?

The truth of the matter is that it's only a tiny minority of the population who claim to be offended by the public display of religious symbols, and I refuse to believe it's their rights they're trying to preserve, but yours they're trying to take away.

If everything that offends a handful of people had to be taken out of public sight, there would be little left because almost everything offends somebody.

I don't like pornography and think it's a detriment to society, but a lot of the hotels I stay in have X-rated in-room movies. I don't like having them on my television, but I'm not going to organize a protest and take the hotel to court because of it.

I don't like taking my granddaughter to a kid's movie and having her see all the lurid pictures of some of the coming attractions, but I'm not going to march around the theater with a sign proclaiming that the advertising I disapprove of my granddaughter seeing is violating my rights.

There are a lot of things on television that I don't like and find very offensive to my beliefs, my tastes and my morals, but when I see things that offend me I simply change the channel, turn the other way or walk on by. That way the offensive thing is removed from my line of sight and I don't have to be offended by it any longer.

Why can't those who are offended by the symbols of Christmas do the same thing?

It's not the separation of church and state - which, by the way, is NOT in any of our federal papers - that worries these people. It's the life-changing power of Christianity and the light of truth it shines on the sins of the world, exposing the lies being propagated by the media, the politicians and the universities of this nation.

And, it's their business to live any kind of life they choose - but, why can't they simply look the other way when they pass by a cross or go to the other side of the street when they pass a nativity scene instead of trying to destroy a tradition, which has been practiced in this nation since its founding by, of all people, Christians.

Actually, the ACLU does not wage a war on religion, it wages a war on Christianity.

It never bothers with any other faith. How about the Islamic footbaths installed in public places, isn't that a display of religion in a public place? Have you ever heard of the ACLU filing a lawsuit over them? Actually they did, arguing in favor of them at Boston University which ended up installing them.

The truth be known, somebody could put a one hundred foot tall statue of Buddha on the lawn at Capitol Hill and the ACLU probably wouldn't say a word.

But, actually, these people are to be pitied, because atheism has a shelf life; it only lasts until the final breath and someday there will be a higher court, (you could call it the Supreme Being Court) where the atheists can plead their case, where the judgments are eternal and there is no appeal.

A special thing happened at the National Finals Rodeo this year. Some of the cowboys wanted to have a prayer before each performance and of course there was opposition from the powers that be.

But a wiry little bronc rider from Louisiana stood up and said something to the effect of, "This is our sport, this is who we are and I want a prayer at the North." Other cowboys supported it and the upshot is that before every performance at the National Finals Rodeo this year there was a prayer said and the crowd loved it.

Only one other sport honors God with a prayer before each event begins. Guess who?

NASCAR of course.

I can't change the world, but I can dang sure control my little personal space, and Almighty God and Jesus Christ will be honored in it.

Happy Birthday, Jesus!

What do you think?

Pray for our troops and the peace of Jerusalem.

God Bless America

Charlie Daniels

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