71-Year-Old Reagan Went Up and Down Stairs of Air Force One—Sometimes Not Holding the Rail—But Never Falling Staff | March 19, 2021 | 2:36pm EDT
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A video posted on YouTube by the Reagan Library, shows then-President Ronald Reagan walking down the stairs from Air Force One—while not holding the railing—and then walking back up the stairs, while occasionally not holding the railing, and responding to reporters yelling questions at him.

The video was made on Aug. 10, 1982 when Reagan was 71 years old.

A similar video of President Joe Biden, made today, when Biden is 78 years old, showed the president falling three times while trying to climb the stairs of Air Force One.

When Reagan was running for President at 69 years of age, the New York Times repeatedly reported on assertions that he was “too old” for the job.

In a Sept. 1, 1980 story, for example, the Times quoted an auto worker in Warren, Mich., who said “that Mr. Reagan, who is 69 years old, 'is too old for the Presidency.’”

The Times published another story story on Sept. 20, 1980, saying: “While some voters see Mr. Reagan as too old, others fear that he might be too inexperienced, and, here again, Mr. Carter's record works against his challenger. People here seem in no mood to elect another outsider with no knowledge of Washington.”

In a story published on Inauguration Day in 1981, the New York Times said:

“An electorate pummeled by inflation at home and insult abroad seemed ready to hear that old-fashioned message from a 69-year-old candidate who, as the 1980 campaign began, was widely dismissed as too old and too conservative to win.

“The ‘age issue’ appeared a very large obstacle, indeed, when Mr. Reagan celebrated his 69th birthday shortly before the first primary in New Hampshire.”

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