$16 Trillion In Debt, Treasury Dept. Offers Prizes To Kids Who Share The Best 'Savings Stories'

By Craig Bannister | November 5, 2012 | 2:23pm EST

With the country $16 trillion in debt, the U.S. Treasury Dept. is offering prizes to kids (K-12) who share the best "savings stories."

The U.S. Treasury Department's "Save Out Loud" contest is offering prizes to winning students who submit the most compelling photos, videos, and accounts of their savings success stories:

"Do you know a student with a savings story to share? The U.S. Department of the Treasury wants to hear about it!"

I'll bet they do.

With the U.S. national debt exceeding $16 trillion - and the government spending a trillion dollars more than it's taking in this year - the government could probably use all the savings tips it can get.

And, apparently, no savings tip is too small:

"The Treasury Department is looking for inspiring stories about what students are saving for today. Whether it's for a baseball glove, a first car or a college education, students of all ages have a reason to save."

So does the government, whether it's buying gloves for the Treasury Dept. softball team, electric cars for the DOE - or spending $205,000 to relocate a single shrub.

Grand Prize winners will get to personally share their frugality suggestions with Rosie Rios, the nation's Treasurer:

"Students in grades K - 12 have the chance to WIN a virtual visit with Treasurer of the United States Rosie Rios!"

Okay, so maybe this online summit with Rosie won't ensure a balanced budget and fiscal prosperity - but, it couldn't hurt.

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