Actor James Woods Slams CDC Speech Police: ‘You Nitwits Don’t Have Better Things to Do in the Middle of a Pandemic??!!’

Craig Bannister | August 30, 2021 | 1:00pm EDT
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James Woods

Actor James Woods rebuked the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) for telling Americans what they should, and shouldn’t say, instead of focusing its attention on the coronavirus pandemic.

In a tweet on Friday, the CDC asked Americans “Are you using #inclusive language” and directed them to a webpage titled, “Preferred Terms for Select Population Groups & Communities.”

“You nitwits don’t have better things to do in the middle of a PANDEMIC??!!” actor James Woods replied.

The CDC webpage lists words and expressions that it says should not be spoken and provides suggested replacements that “represent an ongoing shift toward non-stigmatizing language.”


Some of words the CDC wants shunned, and their CDC-approved substitutes, include:

  • Replace “inmate” with “People/Persons who are incarcerated or detained,”
  • Replace “Convict/Ex-Convict” with “People who were formerly incarcerated,”
  • Replace “Drug-Users” with “Persons who use drugs/people who inject drugs,”
  • Replace “Alcoholics” with “Persons with Alcohol use disorder,”
  • Replace “Homeless people/The Homeless” with ‘Persons experiencing unstable housing/housing insecurity/persons who are not securely housed,”
  • Replace “The poor/Poor people” with “People who self-reported income in the lowest income bracket (if income brackets are defined),”
  • Replace “High-risk population” with “People who live/work in setting that put them at increased/higher risk of becoming infected or exposed to hazards,”
  • Replace gendered pronouns (He or She) with “they or their”
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