Black Ga. Dem: My Party Is ‘Infected with Pandemic of Intolerance,’ But Trump Built ‘The Most Inclusive Economy Ever’

Craig Bannister | August 25, 2020 | 11:33am EDT
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Georgia Democrat Vernon Jones

Speaking at the Republican National Convention Monday, Democrat Georgia State Representative Vernon Jones said he’s supporting President Donald Trump’s reelection because Trump is actually doing things to help black Americans, while his party is all talk.

Jones praised Trump for creating “the most inclusive economy ever with record low unemployment for African Americans” – and for instituting criminal justice reforms benefiting black communities:

“The president also built the most inclusive economy ever with record low unemployment for African Americans and record high participation in the work force. He put opportunity zones in the Trump tax bill that would drive investment into our communities for decades to come.

“He put the interests of American workers, and especially black workers, first. That's right. Donald Trump did that. He delivered historic criminal justice reform. He ended, once and for all, the policy of incarceration of black people, which has decimated our communities - caused by none other than Joe Biden. Democrats wouldn't do it. Obama didn't want to do it. And Joe Biden and Kamala Harris definitely wouldn't do it.”

The Democrat credited Pres. Trump for making black communities safer and supporting law enforcement. Jones also called out his fellow Democrats for employing personal security guards while trying to deprive ordinary citizens of police protection:

“He's also working every day to make our community safer. As a former executive of DeKalb County, Georgia, I directed one of the largest public safety departments in the southeast. I’ve seen tragic shootings on both sides. Officers killing citizens and citizens killing officers in the line of duty.

“Police officers are our fellow citizens. They live in our country. They have families, too. They live in our communities. Unfortunately, Democrats have turned their backs on our brave police officers. They call it defunding. And it's a danger to our cities, our neighborhoods and our children.

“Isn't it ironic that Democrats politicians have personal security to protect them? So, why don't they forgo their security and replace them with social workers - especially since that's what they want for you and me? Our police need more funding, not less, for frequent psychological examinations, non-lethal restraint technology and for more de-escalation and use-of-force training.”

Trump “destroyed these negative forces that have victimized black communities for decades,” Jones said:

“These are the common sense solutions that President Trump supports: true, sincere police reform. That's right, Donald Trump did that, too. Education, jobs, safety, security on issue after issue. And, in just a single term, he destroyed these negative forces that have victimized the black community for decades. He gave us the opportunity to rise.”

In conclusion, Jones said he’s supporting Pres. Trump’s reelection because his own party has become infected with the very evils they claim to oppose:

“The Democratic Party has become infected with the pandemic of intolerance, bigotry, socialism, anti-law enforcement bias and a dangerous tolerance for people who attack others, destroy their property and terrorize our own communities. That's what this election is all about. And that's why, right now more than ever, more than ever before, America needs Donald Trump in the oval office for another four years. God bless you and vote Donald J. Trump.”

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