Both Young and Border-State Hispanic Voters Give Biden Negative Approval Rating

By Craig Bannister | June 21, 2022 | 10:51am EDT
Pres. Joe Biden

Hispanic voters in southwest border states disapprove of President Joe Biden’s job performance and, nationally, the younger the Hispanic voter, the greater the disapproval, a new survey shows.

Biden has a negative job approval rating among all U.S. registered Hispanic/Latino voters, with 45% saying they disapprove and 41% voicing approval, as of June 20, 2022, a daily national survey by Civiqs finds. Fourteen percent (14%) say they neither approval nor disapprove of Biden’s work.

The youngest Hispanic voters (18-34) register the highest disapproval, with 51% disapproving, versus 29% approving (-12 percentage points), followed by those 35-49, where Biden is underwater by seven points (47% disapprove, 40% approve).

Among older voters, Biden’s job rating breaks into positive territory, rising from seven points (49%-42%) for those 50-64 to 27 points (59%-32%) for those 65 and older.

Hispanic/Latino Rating of Biden’s Job Performance (Approve/Disapprove):

  • 18-34: 29%-51% (-22 points)
  • 35-49: 40%-47% (-7 points)
  • 50-64: 49%-42% (+7 points)
  • 65+: 59%-32% (+27 points)
  • Total: 41%-45% (-4 points)

Hispanic voters in southwest border states aren’t pleased with Pres. Biden’s job performance, either, as illegal immigrants continue to flood into their states.

In Texas, 50% of Hispanic voters give Biden a negative rating, while just 33% give him a positive one (-17%).

In New Mexico, 50% disapprove and 34% approve (-14 points).

In Arizona, Biden has a six-point deficit (45% disapprove, 39% approve).

California’s Hispanic voters are evenly split (41%-41%).

The results come in the wake of last week’s special election upset victory by Mexican-born Rep.-elect Mayra Flores, who became the first Republican ever to win a U.S. House seat in her predominantly Hispanic California district. Flores campaigned on a promise to promote financial and border security, not open borders.

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