Bozell Joins Conservative Leaders Petitioning Trump to Launch ‘Great American Economic Revival’

Craig Bannister | April 10, 2020 | 11:34am EDT
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MRC Pres. Brent Bozell

Media Research Center President Brent Bozell is among the nation’s leading conservatives petitioning President Donald Trump to create a coronavirus economic task force, put Americans back to work, and swiftly – but, safely – reopen the U.S. economy.

Released Thursday, the letter to Trump says there’s no time to waste and urges the president to immediately begin making plans to launch “the Great American Economic Revival”:

“All across the country, Americans are largely frozen in their job searches or business growth plans.

“As we eagerly look ahead to life after the social-distancing measures and shelter-in-place directives from many of our governors and county officials, we urge you and your administration to plan aggressively for the Great American Economic Revival. The time to begin planning is now – not after the 30-day social-distancing effort has ended.”

As dangerous as the coronavirus is, the economic shutdown has been even more harmful to many Americans, the letter says:

“For many Americans, the lockdown as the cure has had much worse effects on our lives than the underlying public health issues – as serious as those are.”

“We know that the coronavirus can kill you – but, so can poverty,” Sen. John Kennedy (R-La.) warned Thursday, echoing the letter’s sentiments. “While we save lives, we’ve also got to get started saving livelihoods,” Kennedy said.

The letter says Trump’s economic task force should focus on finding ways to quickly reopen the economy, put unemployed Americans back to work amidst social distancing protocols, and reducing U.S. dependence on foreign imports from countries like China by boosting American manufacturing, especially of medical products.

The conservative leaders are calling on all Americans to sign the letter petitioning Pres. Trump to take action. A link to sign the letter to President Trump is online here.

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