Brandon Judd.: All of V.P. Harris’ ‘Root Causes’ of Illegal Immigration Existed Under Trump – Yet, We Had 45-Year Lows

By Craig Bannister | June 8, 2021 | 10:14am EDT
Brandon Judd

All of the problems Vice President Kamala Harris calls the “root causes” of illegal immigration to the U.S. existed in South America under President Donald Trump, yet illegal immigration was at a 45-year low, National Border Council President Brandon Judd said Tuesday.

The “root causes” cited by Harris during her visit to Guatemala on Monday – such as poverty, extreme climate and violence – all plagued people in South American countries under Trump, Judd told Fox & Friends First.

But, the Biden Administration has chosen to forsake American citizens living on the border in order to pander to Democrats’ base, Judd said:

“The people that are living on the border, they recognize that this administration isn’t going to help them directly. What they’re trying to do is they’re trying to pander to their base. They’re trying to pander to those people that they think they’re going to be able to get out and vote in 2024.

“But, again, the problem is that all of those causes that she said, those causes existed under President Trump, as well – yet, we had 45-year lows in illegal immigration under President Trump.”

Words from the Biden Administration “mean nothing,” because the administration’s actions send the message that illegal immigration will be rewarded, Judd said:

“My agents and I, we live this crisis every day, we know that words mean nothing right now from this administration.

“Their actions have clearly sent the message that they’re going to release people as they come to the United States and cross the border illegally.

“And, if people know that they can violate our laws, just to be rewarded, they’re going to continue to come. That’s why we’ve had this explosion. That’s why we’re dealing with more people than we’ve ever dealt with before in the history of the Border Patrol.”

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