Christmas Tree Industry Promoted New $4M Tax: 'Not Expected To Have Any Impact On The Price'

Craig Bannister | November 9, 2011 | 1:53pm EST
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Pres. Obama’s misbegotten Christmas Tree tax was actually supported by the Christmas tree industry, which claims that the nearly $4 million dollars the tax would collect “is not expected to have any impact on the price consumers pay.”

The new tax charges tree growers 15 cents per fresh Christmas tree sold in order to fund a Christmas tree “promotional and research” board.

In a statement on its Web site, the National Christmas Tree Association (yes, Virginia, there is a Christmas tree association), says: “This program was requested by the industry in 2009.

In its “Tree Facts” section, it reports that there are “25-30 million Real Christmas Trees sold in the U.S every year.”

So, at 15 cents a Poplar, the new tax would generate between $3.75 million and $4.0 million.

Yet, according the Christmas tree association, “[T]he program is not expected to have any impact on the final price consumers pay for their Christmas tree.”

Businesses passing the cost on to consumers? Nonsense, they say.

To be fair, the tax applies only to the big, greedy Christmas Tree Conglomerates, not your little Mom-And-Pop Christmas tree growers selling fewer than 500 trees a year. So, that could cut tree revenue.

Hopefully, they won’t have to apply for an Obamacare-like waiver.

Update: After this new tax was brought to national attention by an article posted on "The Drudge Report," the Obama administration announced it is "delaying" implementation.

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