Death Creates Shovel-Ready Jobs, But Senate Passes Bill To Increase The Punishment For It

By Craig Bannister | July 26, 2012 | 10:07am EDT

Yesterday, the Senate passed a bill (S. 3412) to raise the estate (death) tax from 35% to 55%. But, why are the Democrats trying to create a harsher punishment for dying, anyway?

And, is it a death tax – or a death penalty? To follow Justice Roberts’ Obamacare logic, it’s only a tax on people who choose to die.

With Obamacare, liberals argue that everyone uses health care, so everyone should have to buy it. By that logic, everyone uses death, so everyone should have to pay for the cost of it. Or, maybe, everyone should be required to buy death insurance.

But, what exactly are people who die being punished for?

Well, for one thing, they stop paying taxes – and liberals want to provide a disincentive for anyone to do that. Death is their last shot at looting and pillaging what you worked your whole life to earn. But, with an Obamacare-esque death insurance mandate, the government would keep getting a revenue stream from you long after you're gone.

And, dead people are free from government control and coercion. No wonder liberals are waging a war against religion.

Still, unlike the Stimulus, every death actually does create a shovel-ready job. So, why do they want to punish it? And, are grave diggers independent contractors? Do they work for small businesses?

The bill the Senate passed doesn’t just boost the death tax – it also greatly expands the number of people and businesses subject to it. (Liberals are always preaching about being more “inclusive,” you know).

According to House Joint Committee On Taxation analysis, the number of people who will have to pay this 55% (post mortem) would skyrocket:

  • 12 times more taxable estates would have to pay the 55% tax,
  • 9 times more small businesses would have to pay the 55% tax, and
  • 20 times more farming estates would have to pay the 55% tax.

Look, I know you can’t take it with you – but, can’t you at least give it to the people you love?

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