DeSantis: Even if I Say the Sky Is Blue, Media Fact-Checkers Rate It False – ‘That’s Why People Don’t Trust Them’

By Craig Bannister | August 18, 2022 | 10:16am EDT
Gov. Ron DeSantis

Today’s media instinctively attack the person, instead of considering the merits of his actions or intentions, Republican Florida Governor Ron DeSantis said Wednesday, announcing new initiatives to simultaneously address his state’s teacher shortage and employ veterans.

DeSantis outlined a new military-friendly State Board of Education code that increases educational and employment opportunities for veterans and active servicemembers by providing a way for them to obtain a temporary teaching certificate before receiving their bachelor’s degree and receive college credit for military experience and coursework.

The new rule allows military veterans to obtain a 5-year temporary teaching certificate without a bachelor’s degree, providing the following criteria are met:

  • Minimum of 48 months of military service with an honorable/medical discharge;
  • Minimum of 60 college credits;
  • Passing score on a Florida subject area examination;
  • Employment in a Florida school district, including charter schools; and
  • Cleared background screening.

Still, some in the media can't help but attack the new initiative, because that’s their knee-jerk reaction to anything he does, DeSantis warned:

“And so, you hear some stuff, like I’ve heard some people in the media try to - if I get out of bed in the morning, they will criticize it. That’s fine; I get that.

“You know, I don't think it's very illuminating for the public, but I think that's just what they do. It's almost like a tick, a reaction, that's just what they have to do.”

They’re so determined to disagree with him that he couldn’t even say that the sky is blue without some media performing a fact-check and declaring his claim false – and that’s why Americans don’t trust them, Gov. DeSantis said:

“If I came out and said the sky was blue, they would fact-check that and say that was wrong, and so that's why people don't trust them.”

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