Fraternal Order of Police: ‘Biden Owes an Apology to Every Single Law Enforcement Officer’ for Calling Antifa an ‘Idea’

By Craig Bannister | October 7, 2020 | 12:15pm EDT
Fraternal Order of Police V.P. Joe Gamaldi

“Excuse me, but ideas don’t throw bricks at officers’ heads,” Fraternal Order of Police Vice President Joe Gamaldi said Wednesday, reacting to Joe Biden’s claim that Antifa is merely an “idea,” not an organization.

“What we really need to hear from the Biden-Harris ticket is a little bit of clarification for law enforcement and for Americans across this country about Antifa – because Vice President Biden’s said Antifa is an idea,” Gamaldi said in an interview with Fox & Friends First on Wednesday:

“Well, excuse me, but ideas don’t throw bricks at officers’ heads. They don’t hit officers in the head with baseball bats. They don’t throw Molotov cocktails and they don’t attempt to assassinate police officers. Antifa is terrorist – and we need to make sure that we’re calling them by that name.”

As reported last week, during the first presidential debate, when President Donald Trump called Antifa "a left-wing problem," Biden claimed that Antifa is "an idea, not an organization":

TRUMP: "Somebody's got to do something about Antifa and the left because this is not a right wing problem. This is a left-wing. This is a left-wing problem."

BIDEN: "Antifa’s an idea, not an organization, not a militia."

Gamaldi said that Biden should apologize to every law enforcement officer in the U.S. for his “ridiculous comment” that denies the grave threat of Antifa to both law enforcement and all Americans:

“So, Vice President Biden, frankly, owes an apology to every single law enforcement officer across the country who puts a uniform on every single day to that ridiculous comment and to undermine the very real threat that Antifa poses, not only to law enforcement, but our entire country.”

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