Levin: Five Ways the ‘Unfree Media’ Are Contributing to ‘The Greatest Scandals in American Politics’

Craig Bannister | November 5, 2019 | 11:16am EST
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Mark Levin (Screenshot)

"History will note the unfree media’s role in the greatest scandals in American politics — all aimed at the ouster of a duly elected president,” nationally-syndicated radio host and Constitutional scholar Mark Levin said Tuesday.

In a series of tweets, Levin blasted liberal media dishonesty, negligence and bias in their efforts to help Democrats impeach President Donald Trump.

In their latest efforts, Levin says, “the unfree media”:

1.       “Regurgitates Democrat talking points during a sham impeachment process;”

2.       “Mocks the due process denied this president but afforded past presidents;”

3.       “Never objects to the use of secret testimony;”

4.       “Conceals the identity, politics and agenda of Schiff’s phony whistleblower, the partisanship of former NSC officials hired by Schiff, and a lieutenant colonel known to have disparaged his own country’s armed forces as an Obama partisan;” and

5.       “Covered up the role of the Obama-DNC-Clinton axis in attempting to sabotage Trump in coordination with the Ukrainian regime in 2016 (in addition to their Russia hoax scandal).”

Levin’s latest book is titled “Unfreedom of the Press.”


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