Levin: If ‘Grotesque, Radical, Progressive, Social Activism, Dem Party Media Don’t Like’ Stone’s Sentence, 'Screw Them!'

By Craig Bannister | February 13, 2020 | 5:17pm EST
Mark Levin

“If the grotesque, radical, progressive, social activism, Democrat Party media don’t like it,” then, “Screw them!,” Mark Levin told listeners during his nationally-syndicated radio broadcast Wednesday.

In the opening segment of his show, Levin defended Attorney General William Barr against media and liberal claims Barr’s decision to reduce the excessively-high 7-9 year sentencing recommendation Mueller probe prosecutors filed for Trump associate Roger Stone.

"All of us knew it was an outrage," so "Screw them!" if the liberal media get upset just because President Trump had the courage to say it," Levin said:

“The fact is this president does not interfere with cases – he’s not Franklin Roosevelt, he doesn’t use the IRS. He’s not Franklin Roosevelt, he doesn’t use the IRS. He’s not John Kennedy and LBJ and the rest that used the IRS and the FBI. And, LBJ even used the CIA against his political opponents: Barry Goldwater, to bug his campaign headquarters.

“So, let’s stop getting all worked up because the president puts out a tweet and the grotesque, radical, progressive, social activism, Democrat Party media don’t like it - screw them!

“Who cares what they like or don’t like?

“That’s what’s remarkable about this president: modern Republican presidents would sit there and fume and whine to their staffs – this president tells the entire world what he’s thinking: that it’s an outrage. And, all of us, all of us knew it was an outrage – all of us.”

This is just “another phony controversy,” Levin said, citing his experience working in the highest levels of the Department of Justice. And, while media and Democrats are telling Americans that Barr’s actions are unprecedented, they aren’t – the media just didn’t make news of it in the past - Levin explained:

“What I’m hearing is: these four Mueller prosecutors, effectively, lied to Main Justice, when they filed their papers in Federal District Court, in open court. Main Justice – meaning the attorney general’s office and the others there – were stunned, by the sentence recommended by these four Mueller prosecutors. And, so, they stepped in.”

“Normally, this kind of stuff does happen, but it happens behind the scenes – but, you’re dealing with these four Mueller prosecutors. They know how to play the press - and the press wants to be played.

“And, so, you’re hearing people say, ‘Presidents never do this sort of thing.’ Presidents never do what sort of thing? Trump had nothing to do with it, but his conclusion was identical to mine.”

Levin said that, even thought he dislikes Stone, the Mueller prosecutors’ sentencing recommendation is an outrage:

“I don’t even like Roger Stone – given my own dealings with this guy – but, this is an outrage.

“It’s way over the top. And, as we learn more, we learn more about why this was done: We have the left, the left that has devoured one aspect of our society after another, including law enforcement now: federal prosecution.

“They would, literally, take this man and throw him in prison for seven to nine years, I think he’s like 68 or seventy, whatever he is.”

Levin also explains:

  • How Pres. Franklin Roosevelt called for the death sentence for eight people - before their trial had even begun – and the Supreme Court held that FDR had the authority to call for the death penalty sentence.
  • How the four Mueller prosecutors “sought, really, the political imprisonment of Roger Stone – not a couple of years to punish him – but, they wanted him to rot in jail,”
  • How FISA Court abuses and the spying conducted on the Trump campaign are being ignored,
  • How Roger Stone is being called Public Enemy Number One, while in cities like New York violent criminal repeat offenders and criminal illegal aliens are being set free,
  • How the liberal media have no facts or evidence to support “their phony reporting” regarding the attorney general and the sentencing recommendation for Roger Stone.

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