Levin: ‘When We Looked at Rush, We Looked Up at Rush’

Craig Bannister | February 17, 2021 | 5:22pm EST
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Mark Levin

“When we looked at Rush, we looked up to Rush,” but not because he was famous, conservative pundit Mark Levin said Wednesday, reacting to the news of the passing of fellow conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh.

In an interview on Fox News Channel’s “Outnumbered,” Levin told Host Harris Faulkner that Limbaugh changed the national conversation by promoting patriotism:

“When we looked at Rush, we looked up at Rush. Not because he was famous, but because he was an idol when we don’t have a lot of idols, anymore. He changed the conservation, because every day he would promote patriotism.”

Limbaugh showed Americans how to stand up against “the endless tide of tyranny,” Levin said:

“He made it cool to be a patriot. He showed people how to stand up against the tide, the endless tide of tyranny. He had a wonderful family, David Limbaugh, fantastic, his parents, his beautiful wife, all patriots. 

“And so he gave people, I think, strength, he would tell you that all he was doing was reinforcing our principles, reinforcing our faith and family and belief systems.”

On a daily basis, Limbaugh gracefully accepted liberal “slings and arrows that are mean for all the rest of us,” Levin said. A person couldn’t ask for a stronger patriot or a better friend – just “Ask President Trump” – Levin said:

“And I have to tell you, as somebody who is now in radio, but for Rush, none of us would be doing this but even more than that, this man took the slings and arrows, the slings and arrows day in and day out when they tried to take him out and beat him down and he would smile and he would push back with his wonderful personality. 

“The slings and arrows that are meant for all the rest of us. In loyalty, you could find no more loyal friend, ask President Trump. You could find no more a patriot.”

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