Majority of Voters See Pro-Biden Bias in Media’s Reporting, Rasmussen Survey Shows

By Craig Bannister | April 8, 2021 | 10:16am EDT
Pres. Joe Biden
(Getty Images/Joshua Lott)

Majorities of U.S. likely voters don’t trust the media’s political reporting and think reporters are slanting news to help advance President Joe Biden’s agenda, results of a new Rasmussen poll show.

More than half (53%) say they don’t trust the political news they’re getting, while only 33% say they do have confidence in what they’re being told by the press, Rasmussen’s national survey of 1,000 U.S. likely voters, conducted April 1 and 4, 2021 reveals. Fourteen percent (14%) aren’t sure whether or not to trust the media’s political coverage. These results are virtually unchanged from those of a similar poll conducted in August of 2019, Rasmussen reports.

Likewise, a majority (54%) of voters say most reporters are “trying to help the president pass his agenda” rather than “reporting the news in an unbiased manner” or blocking Biden.

Only 27% think most reporters are simply interested in reporting the news in an unbiased manner.

Unaffiliated voters (59%) side more with Republicans (72%) than with Democrats (35%) in the belief that the media skew the news to help Biden, instead of reporting the news fairly.

Trust in the media’s political reporting is highest among Democrat voters (51%), those earning over $200,000 a year (45%), government employees (45%), and those who attended graduate school (51%). In contrast, only a third of all U.S. likely voters (33%) share this trust.

Trust that most of the media’s political reporting is unbiased is also highest among those who “strongly approve” of President Biden, with more than two-thirds (69%) voicing faith in the political news they’re being fed. Trust falls to 43% for those who “somewhat approve” of Biden, 17% of voters who “somewhat disapprove” of him, and just 9% of those who say they “strongly disapprove” of the president.

Curiously, just 54% of those who say they trust the political news they’re getting also believe the media’s coverage of Biden is unbiased, while 28% say it’s pro-Biden, 12% believe it’s anti-Biden and 5% aren’t sure.

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