Mandating COVID Vaccine ‘Hasn’t Stopped the Disease from Spreading,’ Stanford Medical School Doctor Says

By Craig Bannister | January 4, 2022 | 10:36am EST

Vaccine mandates haven’t stopped COVID cases from surging in heavily-vaccinated cities, Stanford Medical School’s Dr. Jay Bhattacharya reported Tuesday.

While he recommends getting the vaccine, he understands why some people don’t want to get it, especially since it isn’t effective at stopping COVID from spreading, Dr. Bhattacharya told Fox & Friends First.

Getting vaccinated helps protect people from the most severe symptoms of COVID, but it does little to protect them from spreading the disease to others, as data from heavily-vaccinated areas show, the doctor says:

“The mandates have put many people in a tough spot. A lot of people who worked through the epidemic, got COVID, recovered are just pretty well protected against getting COVID and spreading it are being forced to decide whether they want a vaccine or not.

“Generally, I would recommend the vaccine, but I can understand people that don’t want it, in that situation.

“The vaccine mandates have basically forced them to make that decision. A lot of people have left their job as a result, have been forced out of their job as a result. I think it’s made staffing shortages worse.

“And, it hasn’t stopped the disease from spreading, as you can see from the vast numbers of cases we’ve seen in heavily-vaccinated places.

“The vaccine’s great for protecting against severe disease, but not so good against stopping disease from spreading.”

Democrat-controlled cities like New York City, Los Angeles and Chicago are all experiencing COVID surges, Fox & Friends First reports.

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