Mark Levin: Democrat Millionaire Hypocrites ‘Don’t Give a Damn About the Rest of the Country…Nor Do Their Corrupt Media’

By Craig Bannister | September 16, 2022 | 5:07pm EDT
Mark Levin

“Biden, his party, and the corrupt media are sickening,” conservative commentator Mark Levin said Friday, upon learning that Martha’s Vineyard’s limousine liberals had already shipped off the fifty illegal immigrants flown in on Wednesday by Republican Florida Governor Ron DeSantis.

DeSantis flew the fifty illegal immigrants to the iconic vacation spot to give the wealthy, largely-liberal community a tiny taste of what his state is suffering as a result of the Biden Administration’s open-borders policy.

But, two days of hosting the migrants was all the residents could take. On Friday, the illegal aliens were relocated to a military base in Cape Cod.

In response, Levin posted a tweet, calling out liberal hypocrisy, when the problem comes to their doorstep:

"Martha’s Vineyard authorities kicked the 50 illegal aliens off the island. Massachusetts called in 150 National Guardsmen.  What happened to equity?  Millions cross the southern border but Martha’s Vineyard can’t accept 50 illegal aliens?"

“Turns out Martha’s Vineyard is the trigger for the Democrats when it comes to Illegal aliens! 50 aliens!  Home of the Obamas, Kennedys, and so many other leftwing Democrat millionaire hypocrites,” Levin wrote in a Twitter thread, warning that the liberal elites couldn’t care less about the harm inflicted on average Americans by unbridled illegal immigration:

“They don’t give a damn about the rest of the country, our citizens, or the violence committed against the illegal aliens on the border, and nor do their corrupt media!  Not to mention the fentanyl and other drugs killing our young people.”

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