Mark Levin: If It’s Not a Baby, ‘Why Haven’t We Ever Seen Partial-Birth Abortion on PBS or the Discovery Channel?’

Craig Bannister | May 16, 2022 | 12:49pm EDT
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Mark Levin

If partial-birth abortion is nothing more than removal of an inconvenience from a woman’s body, why don’t the likes of PBS or the Discovery Channel ever show the process, conservative commentator Mark Levin is asking America.

“When I was a young guy, I’m getting a little old these day, I remember, on public TV and other channels, they would show the magic of birth, the magic of birth,” Levin recalls in a video posted Monday on his Rumble channel.

Citing the cold-heated, pro-abortion claims often used to dehumanize babies and rationalize their destruction as merely a “choice” to remove an inconvenience, Levin poses a question to the American public:

“Now, if what we’ve talking about here is not a baby, but a choice – and, by the way, the science tells us it’s a baby – but, if you have to dehumanize the baby in order to push your agenda, and if it’s nothing but a choice and there’s only one person involved, and if it becomes an inconvenience as the secretary of Treasury basically said in testimony the other day, Secretary Yellen, ‘Well, you know, women want to get on with their work and so forth, and this could essentially be an inconvenience’ – that kind of cold-blooded view, if it’s not a human being, then I have a question to ask you, America:

“Why haven’t we ever seen partial-birth abortion on PBS or the Discovery Channel?”

It’s “What the Democrats voted for, and wanted to impose on every corner of the United States, on every person in the United States,” Levin says. So, why won’t the liberal media show Americans how partial-birth abortions are performed, in order to relieve women from being inconvenienced, he asks:

“Why haven’t we ever seen the process where the brain is sucked out of the baby’s scull, in order to crush it? And, in the womb, it’s turned around, so it is removed feet-first?

“Why don’t we get to see that? Why is that censored? I mean, ‘It’s not a human being; it’s not a baby.’”

Levin says the answer is obvious: because showing their viewers the process of partial-birth abortion would expose the perversion of logic required to dismiss the humanity of the unborn child being killed:

“You know damn well why: because it is a baby.

“And, to believe what the Left believes, you have to believe women aren’t women, babies aren’t baby, death isn’t death, these are just choices and rights.”

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