Mark Levin: What’s in Democrats’ Coronavirus Containment Plan – Besides Open Borders?

Craig Bannister | February 27, 2020 | 10:26am EST
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Mark Levin

Besides attacking anything President Donald Trump does to protect the U.S. from the coronavirus, what, exactly, are Democrats proposing to do about it, conservative commentator Mark Levin asked Thursday.

Levin listed several things Democrats advocate that would actually threaten to make Americans more, not less, vulnerable to the coronavirus threat, such as open borders and financially devastating companies that provide and develop cures for disease:

“I’m waiting for the Schumer-Pelosi-Sanders-Biden- Buttigieg-Warren-Klobuchar-Steyer coronavirus plan. Open borders? Eliminate ICE? No vetting? Sanctuary cities? Nationalize the greatest health care system?  Massive taxes on pharmaceutical companies and R&D?”

“All they know is to attack, blame, and politicize. Like their media propagandists,” Levin tweeted.

“What’s their containment plan?  What’s their vaccination development plan?  Meanwhile, all they know is to attack, blame, and politicize.  Like their media propagandists.”

On Thursday, House Speaker Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) issued a statement calling steps to contain and combat the virus announced by Pres. Trump “opaque and chaotic” – but, her statement failed to suggest alternatives


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