More Hispanics than Dems Favor Border Security, Funding Police – More Asians than Dems Call China a Threat to U.S.: Poll

By Craig Bannister | February 21, 2022 | 9:26am EST
Vice President Kamala Harris is responsible for border security. 

Hispanics in the U.S. are far more likely than are Democrats to favor border security and funding police, and Asians are more likely than Democrats to say Chinese aggression is a threat, a new national survey by The Trafalgar Group reveals.

The Nationwide Issues Survey of 1,073 U.S. likely general election voters, conducted February 2-6, 2022, solicited views on a range of topical issues, including border security, national security and law enforcement.

While 55.7% of Hispanics “believe the southern border should be secured and illegal border crossers returned to their country of origin,” just 32.6% of self-identified Democrat voters agree. Likewise, three-fourths (76.6%) of Asians, a 53.9% majority of Blacks and 71.3% of Whites say the border should be secured and illegal aliens deported. Ninety percent (90.0%) of Republican voters and two-thirds (67.3%) of all respondents agree.

Hispanics are also much more likely than Democrats to acknowledge the threat of lethal drugs illegally coming into the U.S. through the southern border from China. While 61.9% of Hispanics say “Fentanyl coming across the southern border from China is the leading contributor to overdose deaths in America,” only 26.6% of Democrats concur.

Again, strong majorities of both Asians (75.3%) and Whites (59.7%) also believe lax border security is creating a drug problem, but just 25.2% of Blacks think Fentanyl coming in through the border from China is a deadly threat. Four of five (80.6%) Republicans and 56.3% of all respondents see a threat.

Nearly nine in ten (88.0%) Hispanics “believe police departments can be fully funded, prosecutors tough on crime, and officers who abuse their power properly disciplined,” compared to 58.4% of Democrats. Three-fourths (76.6%) of Blacks, 72.2% of Asians, and 80.1% of Whites say they have faith in law enforcement. In total, 80.1% of all respondents say the current system of law enforcement can work properly and should be supported. Fully 95.9% of Republicans and 80.1% of all respondents agree.

Just as Hispanics are more likely than Democrats to be concerned about security at the southern border, Asians are much more prone to be concerned about the threat to national security posed by China.

Fully 79.5% of Asians “believe growing aggression from China is a threat to America,” compared to less than half (41.8%) of Democrats. Majorities of Hispanic (68.9%), Blacks (56.8%), and Whites (71.7%) say China is a threat to the U.S. Ninety-two percent (92.0%) of Republicans and 69.7% of all respondents view China as a threat.

See full results of Trafalgar’s National Issues survey.

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