Movie Hollywood Wouldn't Make Tops 'The Hunger Games' In Opening Weekend

By Craig Bannister | June 4, 2012 | 3:51pm EDT

The movie Hollywood wouldn’t make, a historical drama about the struggle for religious freedom, opened in theaters last Friday (June 1) and debuted in the top 10 in its opening weekend, beating out “The Hunger Games.”

“For Greater Glory,” a movie about Mexican freedom fighters rebelling against a president who sought to crush the Catholic Church by outlawing mass and murdering and expelling priests, cracked the top 10 grossing movies.

In a top 10 dominated by light fare ranging from a “Men In Black” sequel to a new “Snow White” movie, “For Greater Glory” shows that thoughtful, pro-religious freedom, pro-Christian, historical dramas can attract viewers.

It took in the tenth highest weekend gross despite showing in only a little over half the number of theaters of any other film in the top 10. It was the only movie in the top 10 that was not shown in at least 1,000 theaters nationally (757, compared to the next-lowest theater count of 1,294 and the 2,500-4,300 enjoyed by other top-grossers).

Per theater, “For Greater Glory” actually ranked fifth, with an average take of $2,378 for the weekend.

All this success, without resorting to the Hollywood staples of sex, gratuitous violence, or gross-out humor. Hollywood moguls must be dumbfounded.

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