Nader: Dems Are ‘Running Away’ from Global Warming Debate; Inhofe: They 'Know The Science Isn't There'

By Craig Bannister | September 19, 2012 | 12:19pm EDT

Activist Ralph Nader said yesterday that Democrats are “running away” from the issue of global warming and are refusing to debate Sen. James Inhofe (R-Okla.) on the issue. Inhofe says that’s because they “know that the science is not there.”

Nader, speaking at the National Press Club, said he’s been trying for a year now to get a Democrat to debate Sen. Inhofe on the issue of global warming – without success:

“So, I called Congressman Ed Markey.  This is a year ago, almost a year ago, late 2011,” but “somehow Congressman Markey’s people could never find a time to debate in front of the media at a major Senate or House committee room this issue,” Nader said.

“And of course there couldn’t have been a more defensive statement by Pres. Obama than to say, finally, (he didn’t mention it in two State of the Union speeches), climate change is not a hoax.

“They’re running away from the issueThey’re not even criticizing nuclear power, the way some of them were; they're cutting quid pro quo deals; they’re not talking about a carbon tax, which Corporate Knights has written about and is in the current issue.”

Nader’s analysis echoes that of Sen. Inhofe who, in an exclusive interview with “The Right Views,” said Democrats have been avoiding the global warming issue because they know the science isn’t there and the American people aren’t buying the doomsday predictions.

“Right Views” Editor Craig Bannister: In your new book where you refer to man-made climate change being the “greatest hoax”- do you see anything in the Democrat platform that highlights the thesis of your book?

Sen. Inhofe: Oh, absolutely. Everything that they talked about that you wrote, and did such a good job in your research, Craig, when you talk about characterizing [man-made global warming] as one of the biggest threats, catastrophe in the making, the national security threat - all these things that are in their dreams everyday - they’re now being resurrected. You hadn’t heard that in quite some time because people know that the science is not there.

Look at what happened just a month ago down in Rio de Janeiro. That was the 20th year after first Earth Summit in 1992. Well in 1992, they’re demanding that George Bush go down there, and he ultimately did go down there for a brief period of time. And that was when Al Gore was flying high, and, you know, we’re all gonna die if global warming’s gonna be there.

Now that’s 20 years ago, so when the repeat of this thing - the Earth Summit (Rio+20) that took place last month - nobody showed. Nobody cared. And even Obama didn’t go. Here, they were criticizing Bush for not having any interest in it 20 years ago, but this time even Obama did not go.

And look what happened. In Copenhagen (in 2009), they went over there to join the 192 countries, all of them there to have the big United Nations party and support global warming. And Obama went over, and Hillary [Clinton] went over, and Nancy Pelosi went over, and John Kerry went over, and after they were there, I went over as a one man truth squad to explain the 191 other countries that we were not going to pass cap and trade and that they’re being lied to. And of course, all that turned out to be factual.

So, you know, it’s kind of interesting, even though it’s crown jewel of all regulations to the liberals - not one thing was said about it, other than using my term, “hoax,” saying it was not a hoax. Interesting how Al Gore’s name was not even mentioned. You know, he was “it” just a few years ago.

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