NY Gov. Hochul Says Making Kids Wear Masks Is Like Making Them Wear Sneakers

By Craig Bannister | January 21, 2022 | 1:39pm EST
NY Gov. Kathy Hochul

At a Friday news conference addressing how two school districts are abandoning school COVID mask mandates, Democrat New York Gov. Kathy Hochul said that making kids wear masks is like making them wear sneakers: first they object, then they comply.

Hochul said that kids will, eventually, submit to masks mandates, because “They adapt better than adults do,” comparing being required to wear masks to being told to wear sneakers:

"My daughter had a meltdown over having to put sneakers on to go to kindergarten. She got used to wearing sneakers in school.

“They adapt better than adults do. And, I’m really proud of the parents to made sure that their kids understood this is for their safety and got it done.”

Hochul made the comment when a reporter asked if there is specific number, such as a COVID positivity test rate or hospitalization rate, she wants to hit before lifting the mask mandate for schools.

The governor did not provide a COVID goal, but simply declared that “We’re not playing it by ear. We’re going to be looking at data.”

Hochul address news that two school districts have declared opposition to Gov. Hochul’s mandate, with one high school already in open defiance of it, The Long Island Press reports:

“Gov. Kathy Hochul responded on Friday to reports of two Long Island school districts going against the statewide Covid-19 mask mandate in schools.

“This week, the Massapequa Board of Education voted to end enforcement of mask-wearing when the mandate for wearing them in indoor, public spaces expires next month. Meanwhile, staff and faculty at Connetquot High School have come forward saying that administrators have not been enforcing it.”

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