NY 'Occupy' Protester Invokes Google In Anti-Semitic Rant

Craig Bannister | October 24, 2011 | 5:44pm EDT
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MRCTV's Joe Schoffstall asked a Occupy Wall Street supporter at Zuccotti Park in Manhattan, “What are your thoughts on Israel?”

In response, the protester launched into a tirade, blaming the Jews and Israel for white collar crime, nuclear proliferation and, yes, even for being prosperous.

He also called on listeners to use Google to substantiate his claims, telling them to Google "Jewish billionaires," "Jews in the Federal Reserve," and "Jews on Wall Street."

"Whenever there’s a billion dollar fraud, there’s a Jew involved," he ranted.

Regarding the nuclear issue, the Occupy Wall Street protested said, “Israel introduced weapons of mass destruction in the middle east" and advised, "Google 'Israel has 500 nuclear weapons.'"

So, are this man's views the exception, or the rule, when it comes to Occupy Wall Street protesters?

In light of this video - and the networks' eagerness to cover baseless accusations of racism again the Tea Party - Media Research Center President Brent Bozell has called on network news organizations to report on the displays of anti-Semitism by the Occupy Wall Street protesters.

Here's the video, so don't say you didn't know what's going on at the Occupy Wall Street protests, Bozell says in his letters urging the networks to cover this unsavory side of the protests.

Will the networks step up and report this, or will they continue to look the other way. Stay tuned.

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