Obama Says He's ‘Protecting Our Kids From Mercury’ - While Mandating It In Their Homes

By Craig Bannister | January 25, 2012 | 12:58pm EST

Last night, Pres. Obama reaffirmed his determination to protect our country’s children from the dangers of mercury, despite his vigorous defense of a mandate that all Americans put more of it into their homes.

“I will not back down from protecting our kids from mercury poisoning,” Obama promised in last night’s State Of The Union address.

But, Pres. Obama, apparently, isn’t concerned with the health risk he’s subjecting Americans to by requiring them to put mercury light bulbs in their homes – a risk his own EPA even warns about on its Web site.

When the mercury light bulb breaks in a home, “some of the mercury is released as vapor and may pose potential health risks,” the EPA says.

And, in December, Obama touted new regulations to protect coal power plant workers from the evil stuff:

“Just a few weeks ago, thanks to the hard work of so many of you, Lisa and I were able to announce new common-sense standards to better protect the air we breathe from mercury and other harmful air pollution.”

And, let’s not forget the extravagant clean-up requirements and potential costs associated with getting rid of this hazardous substance if you break one of these mercury bulbs.

So, exactly how is Obama “protecting our kids from mercury poisoning?” Is he going to require them to study by candle light?

Or, maybe, he was talking about the planet.

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