Pelosi: ‘Build Back Better for the Women’ Provides List of Entitlements that ‘Just Goes On and On’

By Craig Bannister | September 9, 2021 | 3:48pm EDT
House Speaker Nancy Pelosi

“I say, ‘Build Back Better for the Women,’” House Speaker Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) said Wednesday, before rattling off a list of entitlements that “just goes on and on.”

Pelosi made the claim during a press conference in East Hartford, Connecticut, Pelosi discussed the Biden Administration’s “Build Back Better” agenda and its plan to provide an expanded child tax credit:

“So, the Build Back Better initiative not only addresses some of our infrastructure needs, when it comes to climate change to save the planet, to fill in, shall we say, places that the infrastructure bill did not address.  And I thank the President for his leadership in that regard and to keep insisting that we protect the planet for the children.  He says ‘You don't have to tell me.  I'm the first person in Congress to ever introduce climate crisis legislation, decades ago.’  So, that is something that we're working on in the reconciliation package. 

“But we're here to talk about the child tax credit.  But what you should know about the child tax credit, Carmen told us more eloquently than any of us can state.  But what I want you to know is, it's a part of so much more for women in the workplace.  So, I say, ‘Build Back Better for the women.’”

In addition to the child tax credit, Pelosi listed paid family leave and medical leave, along with universal pre-kindergarten, among her list of “liberating,” “transformative” benefits for women that “just goes on and on”:

“For the women, we have the child tax credit.  We also have a paid family and medical leave, something John Larson has been working on since the days even before he came to Congress.  We have universal pre-K, which there was referenced earlier, as something that is there for the children.  Children learning, parents earning.  Everybody benefits from that.  And then we have home health care, home health care, so that if a person, a mom or a dad, a son or a daughter has a person who is ill, a person with disabilities in the family or child, that they know that there will be home health care for that person.

“So, this just goes on and on.  It is liberating.  It is transformative, and along with the child tax credit, is a recognition of how we value children, how we support families and how we must honor President Biden's vision of something bigger than just building roads and bridges, as important as that is, as important as that is, but how we must do more.”

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